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Consuming more wholefoods in our daily diet, at meal times and for snacking, helps to control sugar cravings and could prevent you from reaching for highly processed foods that contain unwanted fats and sugar.

Whole foods are fantastic building blocks for creating a fibre-rich diet full of natural, unprocessed foods that benefit our bodies thrive on to help them function. Increasing your daily consumption of whole foods is easy to do and doesn’t have to cost the earth. Whole foods are accessible in all supermarkets so why do we not eat more of them?

People tend to think that making a conscious effort to consume more wholefoods in their diet can be a chore or they are unsure of where to start. It is often a habit of going to the coffee shop on their lunch break and reaching for a sandwich and crisps or other processed foods, which is a habit that can be broken.

Eating ‘real food’ from fresh fruit and vegetables to brown rice and beans, helps to increase the number of nutrients we consume on a daily basis, which can improve all-round health and could even help support a healthy heart.

Ways to Eat More Wholefoods

  • Stock up on cupboard essentials to ensure you have healthy, nutritious wholefoods available at home
  • Make fruit, vegetables and natural wholefoods your staple foods at each meal time
  • Preparation is key when it comes to eating more wholefoods, make sure you have time in the mornings before you go to work to prepare a tasty lunch and wholesome snacks
  • Batch cook meals when you have more time in your day and have them throughout the week
  • Think rice, pasta, beans, pulses, lentils, nuts and seeds and many more.

Benefits of Consuming Wholefoods

  • Shelf dates (aside from fresh fruit & vegetables) tend to be quite long on whole foods meaning they will last for a while in your kitchen cupboards and can be used to build a healthy plate at meal times.
  • Wholefoods are packed full of vitamins and minerals and provide a good base to meals
  • They can improve overall health thanks to the abundance of vitamins and minerals
  • Wholefoods are high in fibre and could help you lose weight along with a healthy, balanced diet.

Buy Wholefoods in Bulk

At Buy Wholefoods Online, we are proud to provide a range of sizes for our products. Most of our wholefoods, where possible, are available to buy in bulk. Bulk items often work out cheaper and more cost effective than buying in small packages.



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