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Wheatgrass Powders

Wheatgrass is perhaps the most gently flavoured green superfood powder of all. And while chlorella and spirulina have super-dense nutrition – wheatgrass powder is pretty formidable too. It’s loaded with healthy vitamins, essential nutrients and other goodness, which is why so many of our UK and European customers have fallen head over heels for it. We sell wheatgrass powders in lots of different forms and sizes, as well as offering flexible bulk supply deliveries for this essential superfood.

Why use wheatgrass?

  • It’s loaded with vitamin E, chlorophyll and lots of other really healthy, nutritious compounds. Look here for a fuller nutritional summary.
  • It’s really easy to include in your everyday diet and meal plans
  • Wheatgrass powder is perfect for making beautiful drinks extra delicious
  • It’s a brilliant snack and food accompaniment. Stock up on wheatgrass supplies to boost your nutrition with ease!
  • Countless people swear by it as a cleansing, nourishing and fortifying natural remedy for many parts of the body. Read this resource for more traditional wheatgrass remedies and other potentially therapeutic info.

More about this healthy superfood

Health food buffs have been raving about the benefits of wheatgrass juice for years. Many people grow their own wheatgrass plants in trays, right from their seeds. They then use special juicers to extract the powerful green juice from the freshly sprouted grass. Fortunately, our top class wheatgrass suppliers have done the hard work for you.

So if you don't know how to grow and juice these grasses yourself, or simply don’t the time, you can still enjoy the many benefits of wheatgrass. Just grab some of this great natural nutritional supplement by using our easy powders.

In terms of dosage, just one or two teaspoons of our organic wheatgrass powder (added to a glass of juice, milk or water) will give you the nutrition you are looking for. If you’re curious about the juice powder, this tends to be a little sweeter and some say smoother. It’s also slightly stronger, so it might just last you longer. But give it a whirl and make up your own mind!

Our top wheatgrass powder tips

  • Mix with apple, orange or carrot juice for a tasty morning boost.
  • Add it to smoothies, juices, shakes and cocktails.
  • Sprinkle it on savoury snacks like cheese and crackers for a new dimension of flavour. Not to mention easily upping your intake of vital green sustenance!
  • Add a hint of wheatgrass to your baking and chocolate making
  • Explore! You’ll find an ever-growing wealth of tasty wheatgrass recipes to be found out there. To help get you going, we particularly love and recommend Pinterest, which has an amazing collection of some of the finest wheatgrass recipes online.
  • Experiment! As a relatively new world-famous food, the rulebook remains largely unwritten. So engage your imagination: try playing around with your wheatgrass in various sweet and savoury recipes. Your taste buds do not lie, and you’re bound to give them a treat sooner or later!

Share your talents!

Love our wheatgrass products? Please share your appreciation with us. And definitely share your tasty recipes and cooking tips with countless other healthy eaters like yourself across the UK, Europe and beyond. Together we can all learn to cook healthier, more creative and more exciting food. Just post your loves and creations on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram or Pinterest - and tag us to share your skills and favourites far and wide!

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