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Light on taste; heavy on nutrition. Walnuts are consistently one of our best-loved single nuts. Just like our team, our customers simply cannot get enough of this matchless nut. And this is of little surprise, given the countless sweet and savoury uses walnuts have to offer (see below for more inspiration). For extra culinary satisfaction and ease of use in baking, cooking and snacking, we sell natural and organic walnuts in various forms. Here you can pick up whole, halved, broken, nibbed and ground walnuts – as well as the widely-revered Californian variety.

Walnut recipes and uses

Owning this beautiful tasting yet very delicate nut will give you so many tasty culinary options, as walnuts work fantastically with just about anything. So chances are you won’t need much inspiration from us. Nonetheless, here is a reminder list of some excellent walnut uses:

  • Enjoy with simple fruit salads
  • Blend into delicious fresh savoury salads. Apples, cranberry syrups and other tangy treats like homemade fruity dressings will work wonders with walnuts
  • Make walnut studded savoury bread recipes
  • Bake a moist and warm walnut cake
  • Create a classic: vegan walnut whip
  • Add a twist to a classic: walnut-based vegan pesto is quite something
  • Blend up delicious butter. Simply blend your walnut until the oils and moisture is unleashed. Then enjoy the creamy deliciousness.
  • Make heaps of pastries, desserts and sweet snacks
  • Lightly roast, or soak and dehydrate, your walnuts with any of your favourite spices and herbs. A squeeze of fresh lemon or lime, a drop of olive or coconut oil and your favourite herb and/or spice mix (from any continent!) will deliver a tasteful treat of magnificent proportions!
  • Mix with other nuts, seeds and dried fruit to soop-up your super snack

And if all that wasn’t enough to tantalise the taste buds – check out these beautiful recipes which can all be made with our tasty natural and organic walnuts.

Healthy walnut facts

Did you know that consuming 30g of nuts a day as part of a balanced diet can both help you lose weight and also maintain a healthy weight? Not only that, regularly consuming 20 grams of walnuts every day helps to fight hypertension. Walnuts also contain a well-balanced ratio of unsaturated fatty acids which helps in maintaining a healthy heart, arteries and vascular system.

Generally speaking, when it comes to looking after our health, regularly enjoying a handful of nuts is a very wise move indeed. In fact, it’s a no brainer as this will provide a heap of healthy nutrients including super-healthy fats, vegan protein, fibre and plenty of essential minerals and vitamins too.

Need we present more reasons to enjoy this wonderful food? Treat yourself to a pack or two of these top-class natural and organic walnuts today, and reap the healthy rewards!


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