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Creamy smoothies… Milkshakes. Hot chocolate. Ice cream. Classic cheesecakes. Non-cheesy cakes… While so many of the most famous uses for vanilla powder are not the healthiest, there’s no doubting it: this is one of the tastiest spices in existence. And besides, in this new age of global food sharing, true healthy eating and all-round food enlightenment, the options are endless! Use our top quality vanilla supplies to make enviable recipes that make your mouth water, your body happy and your eating experience truly special.

Long-lasting big flavour

A little vanilla powder goes a long way. This is because the dark liquorice-like pods, and especially their tiny seeds, pack loads of flavour relative to their size. This is particularly true when your vanilla is whipped up finely and/or infused into yoghurt, cream, smoothies and other liquids.

So even if you treat yourself to a small or even medium-sized pack, it should last you a long time. Unless of course, you’re somewhat addicted to this matchless gem. If so, you are not alone! Many of our team are in a similar situation.

Top 5 uses for vanilla

Let us stoke your urge to get cooking with vanilla – should you even need any encouragement. Here, in no particular order, are our team’s favourite vanilla based recipes. You’ll find few surprises here – just all-out mind-blowing deliciousness!

  1. Milkshakes. Banana, chocolate, strawberry, raspberry, any berry – so many flavours of milkshakes would be criminally incomplete without a sprinkling of vanilla powder. Although, if they were, maybe it wouldn’t be so easy to over-indulge!
  2. Ice cream. Straight off the mark, vanilla is the first type of ice cream most of us would think of. And while vanilla ice cream is a classic in itself, this spice is a key ingredient in so many other flavours of this semi-frozen dream cream.
  3. Vanilla cheese cake. For many, this particular cheesecake remains the undisputed king (or queen) of the cheesecake kingdom. And other than a rip-roaring melee of tastes and textures, it would of course be nowhere without our beloved vanilla powder.
  4. Fruit salads. Hooray! It’s a little healthier than the first few on this list. And a light dusting of vanilla powder, or a sprinkle of vanilla essence, is always welcome.
  5. Smoothies. The leaner, nutritionally meaner cousin of milkshakes: we salute you. In today’s modern age of manic busyness, being able to blend nutritious vanilla powder with other spices, fresh fruit, veg, juices, milks, wholefood powders and all manner of superfoods is a god-send. Not to mention an absolute must for many of us.

If we have missed any of your absolute favourites here, please feel to argue with us (passionately, but politely) on social media. We always love to hear how our customers across the UK and Europe are using vanilla pods and powder, and all our high quality wholefoods. So…

Show off your vanilla versatility

Please share your favourite vanilla based recipes with us, and fellow food lovers all over the world! If you have any vanilla recipes you can’t live without – or which you know people will never forget… we want to hear about them. Post your handiwork and how you did it (with or without enticing pictures) and they’ll be seen by many of other passionate chefs and whole food lovers in the UK, Europe and beyond. Sweet!


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