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Beautiful, essential Japanese food. As you may well know, tofu is an amazing meat and cheese substitute with a deliciously soft and creamy texture, not unlike feta or paneer. Our mouth-watering range of natural and organic tofu (or soybean curd) is made the traditionally and expertly by the very best brands available in the UK and Europe. So bag yourself some silky smooth and outright irresistible natural and organic tofu right away!

History and lowdown

Tofu was first made during the Han Dynasty over 2000 years ago. Ever since its creation, it has become a staple part of the common diet in this region. Today, tofu continues to provide the vast majority of necessary protein for millions of people across Asia. This is fantastic news, not just for these people and their health, but for the whole world, which would otherwise be under even greater strain from an environmentally devastating meat eating industry.

Even greater news is that tofu has won favour across the UK, Europe and the whole world! But given how flexible, delicious and pleasingly healthy it is – perhaps we shouldn’t be surprised.

Why use tofu?

There are so many reasons! Our natural and organic tofu products are:

  • Low calorie, high nutrition food
  • Naturally rich in protein. High quality protein, in fact: tofu typically contains all the essential amino acids (list these…)
  • A must-have tool for aspiring or dedicated vegetarians. Tofu really is one of the very best meat replacements in existence!
  • Very low in cholesterol saturated fats
  • Rich in calcium, potassium and sodium
  • A good source of B vitamins and vitamin E.
  • Long-lasting
  • Super versatile. So pair them with any suitable dish you can conceive!
  • Unspeakably brilliant for so many other reasons.


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