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The distinctive sourness of sumac has made it a favourite go-to ingredient in traditional Arabic cooking for generations. For many centuries, American Indians have also brewed it into a strong, bitter tea. Yet in this age of ever-growing food enlightenment, sumac is now spreading steadily into myriad dishes across the UK and Europe. We recommend using these top quality natural sumac supplies to add to or augment the natural tanginess or ‘punch’ of your favourite savoury and sweet recipes.

How to use sumac in cooking

For much of the Arab world, sumac is an absolute necessity. Where Asia keep tamarind, and westerners store lemon juice, sumac is a truly essential Arabic cooking ingredient, always on hand for any situation that demands its use.

So if you fancy getting to know this unique spice yourself, we strongly recommend Arabic cuisine as a starting point for your inspiration. You’ll be spoilt for choice! And whether you love exotically cooked meat dishes, or healthy and dynamic vegetable dishes, sumac will help steer you to glory.

Delicious sumac recipes

Please enjoy this humble selection of tasty recipes using sumac. Of course, this is just a snapshot of a whole world of possibility, but our very own staff members have carefully handpicked them. We have made and enjoyed them, and they work beautifully. We hope you agree!

Avocado, Mango & Dill Salad
You may have encountered Natasha Corrett’s vibrant, colourful and largely high-alkaline recipes before. Not only are they a refreshing alternative to our current culture’s apparent overload of greasy, stodgy, salty and, well, generally beige food… they’re masterfully creative, balanced and novel. This particular recipe takes no time at all (okay well, a few minutes of prep). And most of our team agree – it’s one of her best.

Balsamic Roasted Fall Vegetables with Sumac
This somewhat autumnal recipe is actually great all year round. If you’re having a summer barbeque, a garden buffet or any friend and family get together, it’ll certainly go down a storm. Its balsamic vinegar and sumac-rooted tang will complement rice, lentils, couscous, potatoes – virtually anything starchy or stodgy. It’s also great with rustic bread, cheese and hearty meat dishes.

Sumac Coated Fish
Another energy-efficient taste-bud-blasting winner! With very few ingredients – and virtually all of them highly nutritious – you’ll be able to whip up this simple sumac recipe in double-quick time. A great option if you need to rustle up a quick but filling lunch, or lighter midweek dinner.

7 More Delicious Sumac Recipes
Food fans of every type: step right up! If the first few sumac recipes on this page didn’t get your mouth watering, something in these last 10 will. Here you’ll find an appetising bundle of sweet and savoury sumac recipes to knock your socks off. Dips, slaw, fries, sweet potato, shrimp and even tofu feature. Most of them are super simple to make and all of them "eat" very well. Enjoy!

Experiment, explore and enjoy

History and tradition have bestowed us with so much beautiful food. But when you put the past aside, you’re left with a metaphorical “blank canvas” upon which you can draw brand new culinary maps and flavour combinations. To many food lovers like us (and most definitely you) this is highly exciting and motivating. And what would life be without a little creativity?

So as with all your favourite wholefoods, don’t forget to have fun, experiment and explore. You might just find some new and impressive ways to get the very best out of sumac (and other lesser-known ingredients). Who knows: you might just hit the jackpot, making a sumac recipe that spreads across the globe. It might even help you on to cheffing stardom and success. Never say never, cook with passion and dream big!

Share your sumac cooking skills with us

Whether you want to delve into tradition, or buck all the trends, it all starts right here. Browse and buy sumac of the very highest quality with us and you’ll be all set to impress your friends, family, and even yourself.

We love to see, share and try out recipes from our many loyal customers. Please post your own concoctions to us on any of the main social media platforms. Your skill and hard work deserves wider recognition!

And stay tuned: very soon we’ll be launching a user-friendly recipe library, right here on BWFO. So you’ll be able to post and share sumac recipes (and any you’re especially proud of) with the whole wide world at your leisure!


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