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Stevia might just be the sweetest thing known to man and woman. Except for kittens and puppies, of course. Pick up some super sweet stevia, a natural low-GI and low-GL substitute for otherwise very unhealthy sweetening alternatives. Please bear in mind our natural and organic stevia has a very unique flavour and is sweeter, gram for gram than sugar, and is a perfect sugar replacement. Impressive, no?

To give a little history and background information... For over 1,000 years, the Stevia plant has been used as a natural sweetener cross South America. The leaves are harvested, then dried and powdered to create the now iconic green Stevia powder. Alternatively, it is purified like sugar canes, to create the white Stevia Crystals.


  • Stevia Powder 250g

    Stevia Powder

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    Estimated Delivery: Monday 24 February
  • White Stevia Crystals 1kg

    White Stevia Crystals

    From £2.75
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    Estimated Delivery: Monday 24 February

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