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Sport & Fitness

The world of sports and fitness requires a healthy, balanced diet. Whether your goals are to lose some weight, gain muscle or just to improve overall health - we have you covered! We can provide you with alternative protein sources, energy-boosting carbohydrates and essential vitamins required to look after your body after a workout.


There are a number of drinks that you can introduce to your diet that could help to enhance your performance and results. We have a range of coconut water, aloe vera juice and pomegranate juice - each have their own ways of improving your fitness by rehydrating your body after intense workouts such as HIIT sessions.

Healthy Snacks

When you sugar and energy levels dip you may find yourself reaching for unhealthy snacks that could jeopardise your fitness results. Choose from a range of energy enhancing bars and protein boosting bars to help maximise results by staying on track.

Nut Butters

Nut butters are highly popular amongst fitness fanatics - and rightly so! They are full of healthy fats and protein essential for the daily diet.We have a vast range of nut butters available from classic peanut or almond butter to the more adventurous walnut butter or mixed nut butter. Spoon onto your morning or refuelling bowl of porridge oats and top with blueberries and pumpkin seeds for a healthy start to your day full of essential fats, carbs and of course protein!

Protein Powder

Need an extra protein boost following a workout? Our range of protein powders include cacao, pea, soy and whey amongst others such as help and protein blends. Protein powders can be the perfect source of protein to recover and heal overworked or sore muscles as well as helping you to build muscle. We love that we stock a wide choice of plant based protein powders suitable for a vegan diet - add to a smoothie, mix in with oats, make homemade protein bars or mix with milk or water.


Superfoods are a fantastic source of vitamins and minerals, although the term ‘superfood’ can be overused. We have a variety of superfoods and superfood powders that each have their own individual benefits that can help provide you with nutrients lost in the body from a workout. Moringa, for example contains calcium which can help look after your joints and bones after the strain that can happen during a workout. Goji berries have an abundance of properties that are good for our overall health - enjoy as a snack or drink goji berry juice for a natural superfood that is packed full of fibre.


It can be beneficial to take supplements for someone that works out frequently. We have a range of organic supplements that could help your performance and recovery by providing you with nutrients lost during a workout.

Natural Sweeteners

Natural sweeteners can make a huge difference to the enjoyment of food and drink. When it comes to baking, sugar can be a key component to a lot of recipes, and sweeteners such as aspartamine could potentially play havac with your fitness lifestyle. These natural sweeteners are completely natural and do not have any hidden nasties.


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