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Speciality Salts

Find all the best cooking salts in the UK and Europe, ready for countless culinary uses, right here! We sell natural and organic cooking salts, from the traditional to the newly prized (like our top quality Himalayan pink salt). Not to mention the outright exotic. All available in a wide range of sizes, from handy 250g packs to large household, café and commercial kitchen cupboard stockers!

Where would we be without salt?

Possibly nowhere. Salt is not just seasoning. It's part of our human history, and its ability to preserve food significantly helped our human development. Salt has been used as a crucial ingredient, preservative and precious commodity since the times of the ancient Egyptians, Greeks and Romans.

With all that said, we want to remind our customers that there is far more variety of salt available than we can find on typical supermarket shelves. These delicious specialty cooking salts offer unique looks, tastes and textures – and provide a purer, more mineral-rich seasoning, to help you bring the most out of your food!

Precious properties of different salts

Being one of the 5 main base flavours in our food (along with umami, bitterness, sourness and sweetness) saltiness is a widely applicable and nearly always useful flavouring. So logically, you can use all of the natural and organic specialty salts we sell here for a wide range of cooking and even non-culinary uses. That said, here is a summary of the most common properties and uses of our popular salts:

Sea salt

Made from (you guessed it) evaporated sea water, this simple but strong salt is perfect for cooking practically any sweet or savoury meal. Its simplicity and ready availability also mean it’s often used for health and beauty purposes, such as making homemade, face scrubs, exfoliating shower gel, or simple foot soaking.

Himalayan Pink Salt

This ever-more-famous salt is super tasty and extra mineral-rich. In fact the sheer healthiness and tastiness of this salt is unrivalled among our UK and European customers – for whom it is easily our best loved salt of all. Use it to enhance and deepen the dynamic flavours of your curries, Italian dishes, soups, broths, you name it!

Black Lava

This exotically named salt is produced from sea water evaporating in pools that gather on (yep, you guessed right again) lava flows! Not only is this an exceedingly cool (or hot) place to get your cooking ingredients from, it also bestows you with one of the very best earthy salt flavours you could ever hope to come across. This is largely down to the fact that the salt crystals are blended with a substance known as ‘activated coconut charcoal’, which is added to detoxify and purify the salt. So if you want a unique, earthy flavour from time to time – or a unique and striking appearance for your recipes – black lava salt may just be the ticket!

Persian Blue

Also known as ‘Persian Blue Diamond Salt’ comes from salt mines in the heart of what used to be known as Persia. The blue hue comes from the high pressure present where it is produced, causing the crystals to turn blue in the process! It is another unique and mineral-rich variety that throws a touch of sweetness in to the bargain.

Kala Namak

You may have heard of this salt being referred to as ‘black salt’ or simply ‘sanchal’. It’s a beautiful unrefined table salt. Like black lava salt, it’s naturally produced in volcanic regions and typically mined in Central India. But it also tends to carry a slightly stronger aroma of sulphur. Don’t be put off by this though – we have it on good authority that Kala Namak is actually indispensible when it comes to making a wide variety of traditional Indian and Middle Eastern dishes. Thanks for the tip-off, beloved customers! And finally, don’t let its black-oriented nicknames confuse you. Kala Namak is in fact a light shade of pink.

Smoked Oak salt

Salt smoking is an extraordinary thing. It makes the crystals gather a deep, woody hue which locks in that unmistakable smoky flavour. So if you love barbequed food, chargrilled vegetables, smoked paprika or anything similar – this might just be the ideal salt for you!


Epsom salt is the undisputed star of health and beauty salts. While you can ingest it, we strongly recommend you exercise caution here! This is for various reasons, including Epsom’s moderate laxative effects. But the most important thing to note is that Epsom is not strictly an ordinary salt: it is actually magnesium sulphate.

Many people across the UK and Europe use Epsom salts to help replace and top up magnesium levels in their bodies. But as you may have heard, this amazing salt has a huge range of practical natural health uses, many of which are listed here.

Inca Sun Salt

You have to try this delicious salt, hailing from Peru, where it is still collected in age-old Incan ways! A high-powered salt water spring continually floods thousands of shallow pools dotted around the legendary citadel of Machu Pichu. Once the Peruvian sun has dried these pools, the local people collect what is a stunningly beautiful salt. And this special substance is what we ship over to our very own warehouse, ready to deliver to you… Ready to give all your favourite dishes (and many lesser-known ones) a distinct kick of powerful saltiness.

Rainbow mix

For a real breadth and depth of flavour, or if you just can’t settle on one salt to try – our natural mix of salts is a strong candidate. Here we’ve combined lots of customer favourites into one tasty blend. In each pack, you’ll get a course grained Himalayan Pink Rose salt, natural sea salt, Persian Blue and another exotic choce: inca sun salt!


Now gaining fame by the catchy name of ‘Fleur de Sel’ (‘flower of salt’), our guerande sea salt is held in high esteem by gourmet chefs and op restaurateurs in Britain, Europe and even worldwide. It’s hand harvested from the uppermost layer of salt that collects near salt plains across the coast of Brittany. The majority of this speciality salt comes from the town of Guerande – hence the name. Flavour-wise, many people praise this amazing salt for tasting, well, very clearly of the sea! It’s full-flavoured, dynamic and even salty sweet, so it’s a formidable for fish dishes, seafood cooking, as well as a catalogue of vegan and vegetarian delights. Give it a whirl and let us know what you think!


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