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Speciality Foods

Looking for something new or exotic? If it's powerful nutrition boosters, natural flavour enhancers or versatile ingredients you’re after, these natural and organic speciality foods hold a heap of solutions! We supply everything from protein powders and dietary supplements and to famous healthy herbs, plants, berries, fruits and spices - all waiting to add more flavourful firepower to your kitchen's armoury.

Vitality is yours for the taking

For genuine dietary excellence, we sell a comprehensive choice of natural sweeteners and sugar substitutes, from fructose and sucralose. You’ll also find mineral-rich salts and great health-promoting speciality foods like apricot kernels, manuka honey and the ever-popular organic ‘Holy Basil’ Tulsi powder.

Fitness friendly food galore

It doesn’t matter if you’re training to be the next world Olympic champion, or the master morning runner in your neighbourhood: the right nutrition is essential for optimum physical fitness. Chia seeds, for example, are becoming an ever-important part of top athletes’ diets. They’re a superb low-calorie, slow release energy food, great for absorbing moisture and making food go further – while helping sustain you for longer with a remarkable array of nutrients!

On a similar note, we thought it was vital to provide a wealth of natural protein powders too. A lot of our customers buy this specialty food for bulking up their muscles. As well as reinforcing the natural healthiness of vegan and vegetarian diets, of course.

Power to the powders!

Want to enliven your dishes with added zing, zip, zest or just plain zaniness? Make sure you browse our delicious ‘power powders’, all made with the best healthy plant extracts from across the world. There’s plenty of superfood material here too: high in vitamins, minerals, phytochemicals, antioxidants and other precious nutrients. Many of them, like our very special goji powder, contain a generous helping of all of these!

Celebrating nature’s nutritional marvels

To really indulge your curiosity and sense of exploration, we’ve added some ‘extra exotic' foods in recent years. If discovering new world foods is your thing, you’ll probably love our somewhat hard-to-find variety of mushroom powders. & you may at least be intrigued by the marvellous marine phytoplankton we’re proud to offer.

Buy speciality foods in bulk

Order your speciality food supplies in bulk and our expert team will secure you a delivery schedule to suit your business. We distribute a wide variety of order sizes to world cuisine restaurants of all kinds, as well as independent shops, health food stores and similar organisations throughout the UK and Europe. Contact our expert team to discuss your individual needs or for free, impartial advice on any food supply queries you may have.


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