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Seaweed – Channel 4’s celebrity of ‘Superfoods: The Real Story’

Welcome to the very best place to find top quality seaweed, as highly rated on Channel 4’s new episode of ‘Superfoods: The Real Story’. As a business, and team of avid healthy eaters, we are lucky enough to already be aware of nourishing seaweed is for our bodies, and have been supplying the very best dried seaweed brands in the UK and Europe for more than 9 years.

Dried seaweed is the way to go!

Although it’s is often bought fresh, as shown on Superfoods: The Real Story’, seaweed is available in other forms. And we love to offer a much handier option. Our natural and organic dried seaweed keeps fresh for ages, so it’s the perfect super-healthy cupboard filler. Simply grab them and soak them before eating. Or even more brilliantly, you can cook your seaweed into sauces or add them straight away into your homemade soups and broths.

A priceless programme for healthy eating info

If you haven’t seen Channel 4’s Superfoods: The Real Story, watch it! Seaweed is just one of many exotic, special or just plain delicious foods that star on this show. We think it’s a great sign that the UK’s healthy and clean eating trend is certainly not going away. And if you like to cut through the noise of opinion, myth and lies about what is really good for you – 'Superfoods: The Real Story' is an indispensible ally. With series 2 episode 4 having just aired on Monday 18th July, it seems the latest series has now come to a close. But you can of course catch up on all the goodness right here on All 4.

Nutritional highlights

Here’s a quick list of seaweed’s bounty of benefits, covering and going beyond the pros covered by presenter Kate Quilton on ‘Superfoods: The Real Story’.

Seaweed is:

  • Not only delicious, but also really nutritious
  • Naturally antiviral and antibacterial
  • Rich in a whole host of precious essential and supplementary minerals
  • A superb source of zinc, iron, magnesium and…
  • A truly unique food, with all kinds of nutritional compounds found nowhere else in nature
  • Contstantly being linked with all kinds of healthy benefits by various scientific studies in the UK, Europe, Japan and beyond!

Seaweed recipes

The following links should give you a great idea of lots of the main uses for seaweed, both traditionally and contemporarily. Unsure you can regularly add this into your diet? Let us share with you some tip-top seaweed recipes that are great for getting the ball rolling...

Honestly Healthy

A super collection of really healthy and tasty veg recipes - and some nicely written blog posts about seaweed too!

5 Top Seaweed Recipes

Though perhaps lacking in good pictures to spur you on, these recipes are very simple, without being at all boring! This writer particularly loves the Soba Soup: full-flavoured, aromatic brilliance!

Feastie's vegan seaweed recipes

A shed load (or fishing boat load) of vegan and vegetarian recipes, right here! Don’t feel daunted at the amazing amount of choice on this page alone. We don’t want to bombard you; we just think it might help you, our customers, and other healthy eaters quickly pinpoint pictures, colours or flavour combinations that say ‘COOK ME!’

11 Delicious Recipes

Another mouth-watering mix of clean and healthy seaweed recipes. The pictures are beautiful, and make the food look as irresistible as it tastes. Our team tried cooking these gems just a few months ago. …And several of us now appear to be eating them for lunch and dinner on a regular basis!

Let’s get eating well!

For some of you, Channel 4’s new superfood programme was your first introduction to the nutritional prowess of seaweed. And we’re glad you’ve heard the good news! But if you’re reading this post deep into a deeply healthy eating habit, we sincerely hope the information we’ve laid out is a welcome nudge and reminder to eat even better.

Seaweed is the way forward!



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