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Rice Cakes, Crispbreads and Crackers

Almost vital for snacking - and perfect for any lunch. We sell natural and organic crackers, rice cakes and crispbread by the bucket load! Only in handy packs of varying size. Our cracking choice is ever expanding, thanks to your avid love for these beauties. We hereby invite you to bite into every possible taste and texture, from crumbly, brittle and soft to crunchy, yielding and robust! Not to mention a few utterly unique and nutrition-packed specialty crackers.

Not your average crackers

Every product here isn’t just delicious: lots of them are pioneering, and about as many are genuinely amazing. In fact, many of our team weren’t quite aware that crackers, crispbread and rice cakes could taste like this, let alone be as healthy and as varied.

The best brands around

Put simply, we sell the very best crispbread, crackers, rice cakes, and biscuits for cheese on the planet! Clearspring, Amisa, Loov, Kallo, Raw Health, Inspiral and Ryvita, are fast becoming superstars in this realm. And it’s little wonder. Whether it’s the ingenious and super-healthy ‘crackits’ that Inspiral have made from smooshing superfoods together, or just a sesame seed cracker recipe perfected over generations, these delicious bites have got you covered!

Farewell, empty calories!

You’ll find that many of the health food products on this page transcend, or absolutely ‘own’, their category. Crackers needn’t be flavourless – nor ridiculously unhealthy, with little but carbs, fats and sugars to add to our bodies. Truly special ingredients from all over the world are more readily available than ever. Thanks to talented chefs, food fanatics and a worldwide trend towards better eating and more vibrant food, these materials are being combined to incredible effect. What a time to be alive!


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