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Sunflower Seed Bread

Sunflower Seed Bread

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Serves 2 - 6
Prep time: 15min
Cooking time: 25min

This oat, almond & sunflower seed bread is easy to make and a makes delicious healthier loaf! It introduces the use of brewers yeast as a key ingredient to add a unique flavour dimension.

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  • 1.

    Blend the rolled oats to a fine consistency and sieve through to get rid of clumps.

  • 2.

    Separate the eggs whiles and the yolk, beat the egg whites until it creates stiff peaks, set it aside.

  • 3.

    In a bowl, add the egg yolk and Greek yogurt and beat well.

  • 4.

    In a separate bowl, combine the oats, almond flour, yeast, coconut sugar, baking powder, sunflower seeds and salt.

  • 5.

    Add the wet ingredients and mix well.

  • 6.

    Finally, add the egg white mixture and mix it slowly with a spatula.

  • 7.

    Add the mixture to a loaf pan and bake for 20-25 min.

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