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Raw Macadamia Nuts

Raw macadamia nuts simply means that the nuts are in their natural form. Once picked from the tree they are then taken straight off to be checked, deshelled, packed and sent straight to your door! Raw nuts contain a number of nutrients along with a healthy amount of fats that could have a number of health benefits.

Raw macadamia nuts are one of the toughest nut around therefore have a really crunchy outer shell but once bitten it releases a lovely smooth, creamy texture that satisfies the taste buds.

Why choose raw macadamia nuts?

Raw nuts are healthier for you than roasted and salted macadamia nuts, however it depends on your individual tastes and what you prefer to eat. All options of macadamia nuts are extremely healthy for you as none of the nutrients are removed during roasting or toasting them.

Ways to use macadamia nuts

  • Add to salads and stir frys for extra crunch
  • Add to your morning porridge to boost your protein intake
  • Add to cakes and bakes such as homemade bread or cookies
  • Add to homemade granolas
  • Grind down and make your own raw macadamia nut butter

You can buy raw macadamia nuts online and choose from a range of options.below:


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