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Raw Honey

Unpasteurised & Raw Honey

Raw honey, unlike your average honey, is unfiltered and unpasteurised, so it retains all the precious nutrients which are normally lost through heating and filtering. This means you get to enjoy a pure product that's truly unrivalled both in terms of taste and nutritional prowess! Not to mention a delicious essential foodstuff free from the pesky additives that some conventional honeys have. It's also worth knowing raw honey contains a considerable amount of bee pollen - which may be considered a complete survival food, with a huge array of nutritious components. And bee pollen is a complete source of protein, which is more than any meat can boast! With so many tasty properties, it's no wonder raw honey is so widely loved, as both a food and a traditional therapeutic gem. So please enjoy dipping into the sweet beauty of our natural, organic and super-healthy raw honey products.


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