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Porridge Oats & Meals

Porridge is a firm favourite when it comes to breakfasts especially during the colder months but how do you like yours? Whether you top it with an array of colourful toppings, spoon honey in to the mix or eat it plain with your favourite nut milk we’ve got something for you.

There are a wide choice of porridge and oats for you to choose from depending on the texture that you prefer. Browse the products in the category below to see what we have to offer.

What toppings can I put on my porridge?

Porridge is naturally low in calories and fat, which makes it almost a blank canvas when it comes to topping your bowl but where do you start? Let us inspire you with some healthy porridge topping ideas:

Benefits of adding porridge toppings

Topping your porridge with the likes of nuts, dried fruit or seeds introduces an amazing range of added vitamins and nutrients. Choose from a wide variety or dried fruits from raisins and cranberries to pineapple and chopped dates, packed full of goodness and counting towards one of your five a day makes it a popular choice when it comes to topping your bowl.

Nut butter, nuts and seeds are high in protein and contain essential healthy fats that are an asset to your daily intake of nutrients. Spoon a heaped teaspoon of nut butter to a warm bowl of porridge for a nutritious, protein boost at the most important time of the day.

There are a whole range of health benefits when we comes to discussing nuts depending on your nut of choice. Whether you choose macadamia nuts, raw cashews or even almonds each comes with their own set of health benefits.

Seeds are similar to that of nuts containing a high amount of essential proteins and healthy fats, seeds add a welcomed crunch to a smooth bowl of oaty goodness, particularly pumpkin seeds for their naturally creamy texture.

Raw honey boasts an amazing number of nutritional benefits and is loved for its subtly, sweet taste. And jams such as our range of fruit spreads contain 100% fruit with no added sugar to ensure the natural goodness of the fruit remains the same.

Topping your bowl of porridge can boost the number of vitamins and minerals you consume starting with the most important meal of the day. It is a great way to set you up for the day ahead and fuel your body in the right way. Let us inspire you and shop our range of porridge toppings below and start making your plain bowl of morning porridge a little more exciting...



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