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Popping Corn

These popcorn kernels might not seem very exciting, but once cooked they make a soft and fluffy snack which can be enjoyed sweet, savoury or plain. These popcorn kernels are unflavoured but are very easy to add flavours which best suit your taste buds. You don’t need any special equipment to make your own popcorn, simply find a large sauce pan, and coat the bottom with oil (or butter if you prefer), add your popcorn kernels (between 50-100g a serving) and apply a medium to high heat and place the lid on top. It won't take long for the kernels to pop, and you can tell once they are all pop once the popping sound stops or slows down, Keep the lid on to prevent heat the from escaping. To avoid any kernels sticking to the plan shake it occasionally to keep them kernels moving and to get the uncooked kernels to the bottom. Once it's all cooked, you can get customising and add your favourite flavouring.


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    Popping Corn

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    Organic Popping Corn

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