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Pine Nuts

Pine nuts are far more than just a fruit salad garnish and pesto-making essential. These tiny, (healthily) fatty and ludicrously tasty gems have a flavour like nothing else. They pair well with pasta, pies, salads, gnocchi, cheeses, roast potatoes, tomatoes, aubergines, mushrooms and many other fried vegetables. Sweet pine nut recipes include: tarts, puddings, fruit salads, honey roasted pine nuts and a plethora of classic cake recipes, including carrot, chestnut and courgette-based treats. So whatever food you most love, don’t miss out on this wonderful ingredient!

Where do pine nuts come from?

Pine nuts come from pine cones! And as you may have guessed, this makes them quite difficult to harvest – incredibly so. In fact, given the enormous variety of pine cones in the world, only 20 types that are worth harvesting for the edibility. Our team continuously inspect and review the flavour, condition and all-round quality of these natural and organic pine nuts, to ensure you get the very best wholefoods every time.

How to toast pine nuts

Of course, pine nuts taste great raw – but toasting pine nuts is very easy and renders them extra-delicious. First, place a non-stick pan on your stove and scatter some pine nuts into it (there is no need to use oil). Next, turn the heat to a low-medium setting. Finally, shake the pan every 30 seconds or so. This will help to avoid any burning of the kernels. All is complete when they are lightly browned. Enjoy!


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