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Never run out of precious organic peppers again! Red, yellow and green varieties have slightly different nutritional pros, but each one is invaluable for helping maintain a super healthy diet. Our dried pepper range is 100% organic, stocked in every size to suit your kitchen space and your infatuation! Dried vegetables are gaining broad recognition as priceless cooking materials. Not surprisingly, peppers are among the most popular of the lot.

Super nutrition

Bell peppers are more densely packed with nutrition than a huge number of vegetables, and one of the best known superfoods. These vegetables are a great source of nutrients including:

  • Vitamin C, vitamin K, thiamine (B1) and vitamin B6
  • Folic acid and provitamin A beta-carotene
  • Precious phytochemicals (which give vibrant colour to vegetables), including coumeric acid, chlorogenic acid and zeaxanthin
  • Red bell peppers also contain healthy lycopene

Quick taste and colour guide

We sell bell peppers in the full ‘traffic light’ colour scheme. Just as a guideline reminder of flavour, our green peppers have a touch of bitterness, in contrast to the strikingly sweeter reds and yellows.

Of course, this description hardly does them justice. After all, these vegetables’ full, well-rounded flavour makes them one of the best loved cooking ingredients across the UK and Europe.

Recipes and tips

  • Scatter red, green or yellow peppers onto salads for a new texture and taste altogether
  • In smoothies, shred a small handful of dried peppers in your blender while it’s still dry (an electronic grinder is extra handy if you have one). Then combine the powder with your favoured choice of fruits! When it comes to fruit juices and other healthy drinks peppers can be added in much the same way as carrots and tomatoes. That said, everyone has their own take on tastes. So experiment – and let us know what recipes you come up with!
  • Love making your own pizzas? Add dried peppers to your tomato base. This works well in calzones, lasagnes and other Mediterranean styled dishes too!
  • Use dried peppers to help flavour your oils, dressings and various preserves. They’re really useful for making chutneys and pickles too.
  • Be creative! Mix them up in any meals you see fit… …and pass on your triumphs to friends and family. We’d love to hear more of your bright ideas too, so please share your recipes and tips with us!


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