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Most of us are very familiar with this musky, sweet super spice. Native to South America, and used widely across the Mediterranean, North Africa, South East Asia, and far beyond – the chances are some of your most favourite meals rely heavily on paprika. Our natural and organic dried paprika supplies are ground up from distinctly sweeter red bell pepper; less intensely spicy than the famous fiery cayenne pepper. This means you can often use lots of dried paprika in your recipes. And it forms a fantastic bridge between stronger spices, herbs and roots like turmeric, ginger and garlic.

Best uses for paprika

With so many great uses for paprika, our team wanted to share just a select few classics with our beloved customers.

  • The not-so-humble seasoning. Sprinkle paprika on cheese on toast, crackers, pasta and virtually any cheesy dish. Nearly all of us have tried this, and it’s something which is quite hard to overdo.
  • Chilli powder. Combine your natural and organic paprika with other classic spices and herbs, to build the flavourful heart of many a Mexican dish. Traditional chilli powder recipes pair paprika with cayenne pepper, cumin, oregano, turmeric, coriander, garlic powder and ginger. There are loads of superb takes on this unforgettable super-blend, so browse around and modify your favourites to perfection!
  • Tangy team player. Mix your paprika with lemon juice to make a simple but frankly amazing marinade for vegetables. This works particularly well with crisply cooked bitter greens like kale, cabbage, pak choi, and mustard greens. We recommend either roasting it altogether with a little olive oil – or pre-steam your veg and drizzle on the lemon and paprika dressing for a healthier but equally (or perhaps moreso) satisfying result.
  • Szechuan sessions. These famous Chinese dishes are traditionally hot and spicy, with lashings of cayenne and black pepper often in the mix. But if you fancy a similarly, juicy, full-flavoured affair with less fire, paprika is your go-to ingredient.
  • Italian cuisine. Classic tomato-based dishes like ragu and spaghetti mare simply wouldn’t be the same without this priceless spice. Not to mention other British and European takes on this country’s widely varied cooking styles, like “Spaghetti Bolognese” (sorry, proud Italians!). Incidentally, wherever you’d normally use traditional paprika, try introducing smoked paprika for a totally different, delightfully musky dish. Once you’ve tried this, the challenge probably won’t be to eat or enjoy the dish, but to stop yourself using it in everything.


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