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Organic Hemp Seeds

Organic hemp seeds are a great way of consuming natural goodness into your diet. Packed full of protein, essential fats and fibre these seeds are simply amazing! These little seeds boast an amazing nutritional profile that can envy a number of other seeds. Organic hemp seeds are widely used throughout the UK and across the world for an easy way of boosting certain vitamins and nutrients that are required to live a healthy lifestyle.

Whole hemp seeds are great ground down to make a flour-like consistency that can be widely used in baking to add natural goodness into the bake. The possibilities are endless when it comes to kitchen creations that contain organic hemp seeds. Make your house smell amazing and bake your own bread with homemade hemp seed flour added into the mix!alternatively, try experimenting by making your own seed milk that is high in protein and can be used throughout the day in hot beverages, porridge and cereal!

Benefits of organic hemp seeds

  • Easy to add to recipes for a nutritional boost to meal times
  • High in protein
  • High in essential fats
  • Easy to sprinkle on salad, stir frys and smoothie bowls
  • 100g organic hemp seeds contains 35g of dietary fibre

If you want something with a little less crunch than these organic hemp seeds, try our organic hemp shelled seeds that have had the shell removed.


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    Organic Hemp Seeds

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