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Nut Flour

Nut flours are extremely popular amongst our customers. They have an exceptional nutrition profile and are high fibre and protein, low in carbohydrates and contain essential healthy fats. Nut flours are made from nuts that have been blanched and ground to a powder form and sifted so that they can be used as flour in baking and cooking.

Nut flours are most popular with anyone following a keto diet but are particularly popular with anyone who has a healthy, active and balanced lifestyle.

Almond flour is perhaps our most popular flour out of all of the nut flours available. It is made from blanched almonds that are then ground down to create a flour that can be used for making cakes or keto-friendly bread.

Foods made with refined wheat such as plain white flour, are high in carbs but low in fat and fibre. This can leave you with spikes in blood sugar levels followed by rapid drops. It can leave you feeling hungry and craving more high sugar foods. However, nut flours prevent these spikes from happening as they are low in carbs and high in fibre and healthy fats making it a low-GI food. Low glycemic index foods help to stabilise blood sugar levels as they slowly release sugar into the blood in a more controlled way providing important energy for your day.

Types of nut flour

  • Almond flour
  • Peanut flour
  • Coconut flour
  • Chestnut flour
  • Tigernut flour
  • Hazelnut flour
  • Macadamia nut flour
  • Walnut flour
  • Pecan nut flour

How to use nut flours

When it comes to using nut flours to bake cakes for example, it isn’t recommended to do a straight swap of plain flour to nut flour. We would recommend replacing part of the measurement of regular flour with nut flour such as half and half. If you are making a gluten free cake using nut flour such as almond flour, we would recommend you use part gluten free flour and part almond flour. This will ensure a fluffy, well-risen cake. Nut flours contain a lot of fat and protein which can be prone to clumping, using a mix of flours will prevent this from happening.

Making your own

Making your own nut flour if you have the time is relatively simple to do. Simply add your chosen nut to a high powered food processor and pulse on high for 10 second bursts. Scrape down the sides each time if need be and keep pulsing in bursts until it has formed a light powder. This process may take a while to do, in which case we have done the hard work for you! 

We have a number of nut flours available for you to choose from and are expanding our collection all the time. If we do not stock a nut flour that you would like to get your hands on then please do let us know and we can look to see what the demand is and perhaps consider getting it added to our collection.

Be inspired

Buying nut flour in bulk

You can buy most of our nut flours in bulk depending on how much you require. This is most suitable for anyone who owns a small business in the food industry, a cafe or restaurant or perhaps anyone who lives an active and healthy lifestyle.

For more flour varieties please take a look at our flour category.


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