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Natural Sweeteners

Natural sweeteners can make the perfect sugar alternative when it comes to cakes, baking, cooking and even for sweetening hot drinks. Most people have a sweet tooth, and the desire to eat sugary foods, but once you start eating such foods it can be hard to stop due to the addictive nature of sugar.

If you are looking for a naturally sweet alternative to replace sugar in recipes or generally in your day-to-day life, there are a number of substitutes available at your disposal.

Why choose natural sweeteners?

Our range of natural sugar alternatives are generally healthier not only in comparison to other sugars, but are a lot better for you than unnatural, artificial sweeteners such as aspartame or sucralose. The reason being is that artificial sweeteners can in time often be linked to a number of unwanted side effects. There are a vast number of articles online discussing the potential unwanted side effects that artificial sweeteners can cause along with possible damage to your health.

As time goes on, we are gradually gaining an increasing amount of knowledge about the foods we eat and whether it is good or bad for us to consume. This doesn’t always mean about how it can affect weight, but certain foods are making us question whether it is good for our overall health.

Nowadays, it can be common knowledge that diets with the aim to lose weight can often include low fat options. These low fat options can often contain artificial sweeteners to make up for the loss of any natural sweeteness from the removed fat content within the product. People used to think that these products and sugar-free varieties were guilt-free short-cuts of alternatives to sugar. However, as we grow wiser, we are learning that it could potentially cause more damage to our health than consuming full fat options or healthy sugar alternatives, which are naturally sweet in flavour.

Many of our sugar substitutes are also low-GI and low-GL indicating a healthier, more natural way to be kinder to your body.

Which natural sugar alternative do I buy?

We have a vast range of natural sweetening products available that are worth exploring when it comes to investing in your health. These products include:

Each type of natural sweetener has their own advantages for using and depending on your personal preference, or individual taste buds,  there will be a product that suits a recipe better. The best recipe for baking cakes will entirely depend on the other ingredients present within the recipe but generally, any alternative will work - it could however,  mean you need to change the quantity. We also stock a number of these product types in organic varieties for a truly natural product.

If you are looking for alternative to sugar for your healthy lifestyle, you can buy natural sweeteners online for free delivery to the UK. Take a look at our array of options available and if you can’t find what you are looking for just let us know!



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