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Natural Food Colouring

When it comes to healthy baking we often wonder why we use artificial food colourings to add vibrancy to our recipes. There are an abundance of products available that are completely natural and will add colour often without compromising on taste.

Baking and cooking is fun and creative and by experimenting with different flavours, textures and ingredients you could create something truly unique. When it comes to adding colour to your baking recipes there is a whole host of different ingredients you can try from tasteless powders to flavourful ones, it entirely depends on what you are creating. You can use fresh fruits and vegetables to add natural colouring but for recipe creations that don’t allow for such ingredients to be added you can add a powder formed from fresh ingredients such as beetroot, spinach or chocolate.

Here are a few ways you can achieve the colour you want and bring your creations to life, we have linked to some recipe ideas to get your creative juices flowing:

Pink/ Purple

Yellow/ Orange/ Red

Green/ Blue 


Colour combinations are endless and there are various ways you can combine ingredients to achieve the colour you desire. We are continuing to find new, natural ingredients that add colour to food.If you can’t find a natural food colouring to match what you need please feel free to let us know!

You can buy natural food colouring products online with delivery to the UK with a range of sizes available depending on the product. We have bulk sizes for most of our products too, which is perfect if you are a keen baker, small business owner, cafe, bakery or restaurant!



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