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When it comes to quality, both of nutrition and flavour – you probably won’t be able to top matcha green tea powder. This wonderful, world-beating tea, hailing from the Far East, is a vibrant green wonder-food. So if you love a top-class cuppa, or simply want to up your healthy eating game: this match(a)less tea will be a perfect. Rest assured: we only sell 100% organic, hand-harvested matcha (it isn’t made any other way). But to really secure the best of the best, make sure you sample our ceremonial grade tea. It’s been cultivated with extra-special care, including expert provision of dappled light which enhances it’s vibrancy to an almost luminous green glow. Majestic!

Matcha green tea uses and recipes

While many choose to enjoy Matcha in the form of tea, there are many more ways to enjoy this beautiful product...

Mix it into smoothies, shakes, juices and any other beverages you desire. The flavour when enjoyed on its own is full and fulfilling. But when mixed with juices, vegetables and other novel wholefoods - it melds subtly with what's already there.

Sprinkle matcha over fruit salads, desserts and sweet treats. Not only will this look great: it'll also balance the nutrition and add a whole new dimension of slightly grassy, very heart-warmin flavour.

Blend with other teas, herbs, flowers and spices to create your very own custom tea blends. Matcha is versatile, so have fun experimenting!

Create homemade chocolate, desserts, sweet snacks and baked goods with a really unique twist. Our organic matcha green tea powder is both nutritious and completely unique in flavour. So your guests, friends, family and very own taste buds will love it's more-than-occasional addition.

Make super-healthy personal care recipes. Simply blend your top-class organic matcha with other luscious and nourishing wholefoods such as cacao butter, coconut oil and even chia seeds. By fusing these glorious ingredients together, you'll be able to create health and beauty products including facial toners, skin soothers, cleansing lotions and luxurious body scubs.

Finally: experiment! And share your wonderful recipes with us and other food lovers across the UK, Europe and far beyond. We can be tagged on all the main social media platforms and especially love to learn from those who love our products.

Fame upon fame upon history

For thousands of years, Matcha tea has been a part of traditional Japanese culture and ceremonies - and still is to this day. matcha green tea was recently featured in the UK's Channel 4 programme “Superfoods: The Real Story”, where it was praised for its high level of antioxidants, contributing to a healthier heart, keeping you young, and more. If you are wondering where to buy matcha we've got the answer! You can buy matcha tea in various forms in our category below. Choose from pure matcha powder or a range of matcha tea bags and find the best form to suit you and your tastebuds. 



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