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Maca Powder

Across the UK and Europe, maca powder is edging its way into food products, particularly as a natural sweetener in snacks and treats like chocolate. But this isn’t like the creeping endemic of suspect or plain unhealthy additives now thrown into so many of our supermarket foods. Far from it: our natural and organic maca powder is at the opposite end of the healthy spectrum. It’s super nutritious and it’s ready for a million and one recipes…

What is maca powder?

Native to the Andes Mountains in Peru, the maca plant is part of the same family as watercress, cabbage, radish and broccoli. In fact, this root vegetable looks very much like a radish – but its nutritional powers are greater than you might expect! See below for a snapshot of some nutritional highlights.

So our natural and organic maca powder is essentially this vibrant plant once it has been dried and finely whipped up into a powder. This handy substance makes it perfect for use in countless areas of culinary creation…

Why it’s so healthy

Our top quality maca powder is:

  • Loaded with essential minerals, including zinc, calcium, iron and potassium
  • One of the few vegetables that has all of the essential amino acids needed to make a complete protein!
  • A very rich source of B vitamins
  • Renowned for its fortifying phytochemicals
  • Prized for heaps of healthy properties. Though we cannot go into detail about these ourselves, please check out this excellent resource for more nutritional information and anecdotal praise! Not to mention a number of studies that indicate maca could possess a wide array of amazing bodily benefits.

Top maca powder uses

By far the most popular use for maca powder in Europe, especially the UK, is in smoothie making. And both our team and our customers will certainly commend you for adding it to your regular smoothie drinking routine.

As well as this, you can use maca in a lot of different sweet and savoury recipes, including soups, broths and sauces, desserts, snacks and cereals. This vibrant video is fully of handy demonstrations. But please watch out for the excessive music volume at the very start and end of the video! That aside, it’s an excellent way of getting to know how to use maca in everyday cooking and eating.

Tasty and healthy maca recipes

So there you have it: our natural and organic maca powder has a broad and brilliant range of delicious uses. But you may be wanting some more concrete ideas and templates to work from. Fear not: we’ve got you covered. Here we have gathered some of the very best maca recipes online, with each handy resource catering for a certain specialist area. Enjoy!

Formidable Vegan Maca Recipes from Feastie

More than a generous helping of healthy vegan maca recipes, made with style and beauty. Naturally, you’ll find lots of clean eating options here too. And as a healthy eating team, we love the way all the images are artfully laid out before you, so you can click on any colour, shape, texture, layout or food type that tickles your fancy.

Top-Notch Desserts from Fragrant Vanilla

Sweet tooth? Delve into this hearty (if slightly less than healthy) mix of delicious desserts. But bear in mind: whatever you make with maca powder is bound to be far more nourishing than anything without it! And a small word of apology: we couldn’t find a way of filtering out macaroons from the recipe list. But these are all delicious too!

Unique Peanut Butter Maca Smoothie from Blissful Basil

Avid smoothie makers: step right up! You’ll be delighted at how many types of smoothies can be blended with maca powder to mouth-watering, taste-bud caressing effect. This highly individual smoothie recipe from Blissful Basil's Ashley is a great demonstration of this superfruit’s amazing adaptability.


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