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Leek & Onion

The onion and it’s taller, cylindrical cousin the leek are both incredibly flexible foods. Practically made for soups, stews, rice dishes and any frying from dawn 'til dusk, they also have great nutritional power, unmistakable textures and unique and useful flavours. Whatever your cooking needs, this natural and fully organic range should help you keep well equipped. Our dried onions and leeks are available in every size from bulk bags to handy mini packs.

Nutritional goodness

Dried leeks and onions, while differing in flavour and texture, hold similar amounts of calories and nutrients. They are both great sources of vitamins C and B6, as well as folic acid, manganese and iron. Like many of our favourite vegetables, these vegetables are also a great source of all-important dietary fibre.

 Both the leek and the onion are also closely related to garlic – a renowned hyper healthy food with a wealth of wellness boosting properties. Eating fresh or dried onions and leeks offers many of the same bodily advantages!

Of course, lots of us know how great these vegetables are, but knowing about these nutritional features only seems to sweeten the pleasure of their taste.

Serving tips

With their similar flavours, dried onions and leeks can be used and enjoyed in many of the same ways. A few tips for getting more out them are:

  • Scatter them over salads for added zip and crunch
  • Don’t forget to add them to your omelettes, homemade pasties, pies and soups!
  • Use with rich snacks like cheese on toast, hot sandwiches or roasted jacket potatoes.

A quick side dish to delight

  1. Once rehydrated (this shouldn’t take long), mix equal amounts of the dried onion and leek together, preferably in a flat-bottomed oven dish or bowl. Then add:
  • cumin seeds
  • a dash of aniseed or fennel seeds
  • a smattering of cracked black pepper
  • 1 or 2 cloves and a couple of cardamoms. Note: you may want to remove these after cooking as they tend to have a strong flavour and tough texture.
  • your favourite choice of herbs. Italian herb seasoning or herbes de Provence will do beautifully.
  • a fairly liberal dose of butter (optional, or choose healthy natural cooking oils instead) and roughly the same amount of water. This will help to ensure your dish is a part boiled and part baked – without becoming too dry.

2. Cook on a medium-high heat (between 150 & 180 degrees) for anything between 20 and 35 minutes, depending on your desired texture and level of cooking.

3. Stir once or twice during cooking. This will help ensure your leeks or onions don’t dry up or burn, all the while giving you a deliciously varied texture.

4. Serve hot with your favourite meal!

Optional extras:

  • pop in some chili powder or chili flakes for an extra kick (or punch). As many chili fans will know, this ingredient can also accentuate the other flavours in the recipe too
  • if you have a dry sherry, port, red wine or any classic cooking aid lying around, a tiny splash certainly won’t go amiss!
  • finally, try a similar recipe formula with other vegetables, while experimenting with your own combinations of spices, herbs and other flavourings. Be inventive, and have fun with it!


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