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Kale Chips

If you haven’t tried kale chips, we regret to inform you that you may have missed out. But only until now! It turns out this superfood is not only highly nutritious, but as perfect a ‘base taste’ as potato. This certainly helps explain the huge range of flavours made in the UK and Europe today. We only sell products from suppliers who make purely natural and outright irresistible recipes. This of course includes our unique sweet and savoury organic kale chips (or crisps, as some prefer to call them).

Superb choice

Find out just how versatile kale can be. Choose from intensely tasty recipes using chili, cheese, onion, cashew nuts, sunflower seeds, baobab, carob, coconut, wasabi and wheatgrass. That’s not even mentioning the abundance of sweet and just plain special ingredients like cinnamon, beetroot, cacao, flaxseeds, purple corn, lime juice, Himalayan pink salt and acerola cherry. We could go on!

Get raw goodness

As you may well be aware, most vegetarian and vegan friendly food is at its most nutritious when eaten raw. Not only do these natural and organic kale chips taste amazing, their unique blends use mostly uncooked and untampered ingredients to pack a real nourishing punch! Infinitely better than eating plain potato crisps.

The best kale chip brands

We’ve taken the greatest of care to provide you with only the best products available in the UK and Europe. Since we began selling natural and organic kale chips, Rawlicious, Inspiral and Happy Kale, have earned the most consistently positive feedback from you, our customers, so they remain firmly rooted in our blossoming stock list!

Make your own!

When the artisan chips are down (on your shopping list, or down your food pipe) – what delights can you make for yourself? More than ever, we’re hearing about your ingenious recipes, often made with our very own wholefood products.

In light of this, we think it’s high time we heard a few of your kale chip recipes. Send them to our team and they could feature right here, or on a dedicated blog post!


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