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Juniper Berries

Juniper berries have become increasingly popular in recent months due to be introduced to gin! The addition of the berries adds a slightly spiced infusion of goodness, which is why the combination has become so popular. And believe it or not, juniper berries are not actually a berry at all and is in fact a cone with a berry like appearance.

Juniper berries have a rather distinctive pine-like, spicy and aromatic flavour that will give you flavour options that no other ingredient can offer. They are extremely versatile when it comes to flavouring rich, hearty dishes and meats such as pork that requires seasoning before cooking. If you are wondering how you could use juniper berries in your day-to-day cooking, let us inspire you and give you some culinary uses you could try your hand at:

Ways to use Juniper Berries

  • Try grinding and mixing your juniper berries with garlic and sea salt to really enliven cabbage and other tasty green vegetables. All your guests will be asking how you managed to create such a special flavour!
  • Like many berries, juniper berries are fantastic for making chutneys, sauces and marinades. Throw them in to your homemade recipes for a totally new dimension of taste.
  • Stuffing is something that most of us love (whether we eat meat or not). To take yours to the next level, add a sprinkling of our top quality juniper berries to any stuffing mixes – whether homemade or shop-bought!
  • Stews, casseroles and lots of juicy rustic dishes will benefit from a smattering of juniper berries and make the flavours come alive.
  • Meat eaters take note. Juniper berries are a fitting match for many different meat dishes, including beef, pork, duck, rabbit and venison. Of course, for the best flavour and healthiness, try to consume organic and high-welfare meat wherever possible!

If you like to use organic ingredients in your kitchen creations fear not, we have organic juniper berries that you can buy too!



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