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Japanese Foods

It’s little wonder that Japanese food grows more popular in the UK and Europe every single year. This is a trend our team are delighted to support. Since 2007 we have been delivering a huge range of high quality, natural and organic Japanese food supplies to both homes and businesses throughout the UK and Europe.

Traditional Japanese cuisine presents and exciting mix of aromas, flavours and plenty of exotic ingredients that are less familiar to the west. Japan is famous for its inventive use of rice, noodles, pickled or broth-cooked vegetables, miso soup recipes and seasonal ingredients. These are made all the more beautiful with a unique variety of techniques and food selections, including delicate seaweeds, beautiful marine vegetables and both cooked and raw fish. No wonder this food is loved the world over!

Huge choice of traditional ingredients

We’ve got loads of noodles in a variety of flavours and all the delicious dried seaweed you could hope for. Authentically made sushi rice is accompanied by a range of miso soups and other key traditional Japanese ingredients abound: rice cakes, tempeh, tofu, umeboshi and the beautiful amazake!

Far Eastern sauces galore

Make sure you take a look at our wide selection of traditional oriental seasonings and sauces. Aside from the must-have wasabi, teriyaki and soy sauce, we personally recommend the Ume Plum Seasoning and super-versatile Sanchi Furikake flavouring: an addictive little mix of seaweed, sesame seeds and red shiro leaves.

Many of the products in this category are not limited to Japanese cuisine either. Lots of these options are perfect for sprinkling and scattering in meals of all kinds!

Buy your Japanese food in bulk

As well as our existing extra-large packs of wholefoods, you can buy Japanese food in bulk for your business. It’s a perfect way to maximise your savings (and potential profit), as well as keeping that crucial fridge-freezer space clear in your professional kitchen.

Whether you run a café, food shop, restaurant chain, takeaway outlet or company canteen, we will help you organise food supply arrangements to suit your particular business. We regularly deliver Japanese food supplies to businesses in the UK and Europe. Many of these are on a regular weekly, monthly or yearly basis, but our suppliers will always accommodate to your company’s individual stocking needs.

Contact our team to discuss your specific requirements and get free advice on wholesale Japanese food supplies.


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