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The crisp crunch and subtle yet distinctive taste of hazelnuts makes them one of the most versatile nuts of all. Whether they’re crumbled over desserts and fruit salads, embedded in homemade chocolate, scattered through moist and heart-warming cake mixes, or just a satisfying savoury snack… hazelnuts are pretty formidable! And the gorgeous full flavour of our organic beauties can’t be beaten (even if we do say so ourselves). So however you love to snack, roast, toast, bake and otherwise enjoy with these brilliant nuts, make sure you stock up on some of the very best quality, 100% natural and fully organic hazelnuts today.

Healthy hazelnut facts

Hazelnuts are not only delicious but very nutritious. They contain quite a number of vitamins and minerals, aside from being rich in protein, unsaturated fat and dietary fibre. This small nut is also great for those looking to limit their carbohydrate intake, as they offer a wonderful umami flavour without being loaded with carbohydrates.

Hazelnut uses

Hazelnuts have a heap of potential uses. If you needed a reminder of these, or would just like some extra inspiration, please explore the following list: 

  • Make hazelnut butter. This is a delicious alternative to peanut butter and other more commonly-used spreads. Simply whip it up in your blender or spice grinder until the natural oils and pure creaminess begin to reveal themselves.
  • Create crunchy cookies and biscuits, like this decadent yet relatively healthy recipe
  • Roast and toast these beauties with endless flavour combos. Two concoctions that our team highly recommend are maple and coconut hazelnuts, and a heart-warming combo of turmeric, black pepper and salt. But have fun experimenting, and please share your hazelnut recipes with us!
  • Add hazelnuts to any breakfast treat. They will work brilliantly with sweet or savoury porridge, rice pudding, overnight oats – and of course muesli and all other cereals. And if you’re looking to reinvigorate your breakfast times, check out this hazelnut-boosted sweet treat.
  • Blend hazelnuts into stodgy stuffing recipes and homemade nut roasts. Their flavour is absolutely perfect in these settings.
  • Add hazelnuts to salads, stir fries and other vegetable dishes.
  • Mix into homemade chocolate and other chocolate-based recipes. These wholefoods are a match made in heaven!
  • Scatter raw, roasted or ground hazelnuts over fruit salads and desserts to create more flavour and nutritional dynamism.
  • Many a cake, gateau, tart and pudding would be simply impossible without hazelnuts
  • The same can be said for lots of fruity jams, tangy chutneys and other preserves.
  • Super-robust roasting foods like potatoes, aubergines, onions, carrots and all root vegetables can be taken to a whole new level with – you guessed it – a smattering of sweet and crunchy hazelnuts
  • Pies, pastries, quiche and savoury tarts are made all the better with these wonderful nuts.
  • Make scores of impressive specialist recipes like terrine, hazelnut-based soups, kievs and parfaits.
  • Bake nutty hazelnut bread of distinction and sheer addictiveness. These nuts combine particularly with dried cranberries, blueberries and other dried fruit, so don’t forget to layer up the flavour!

Exceptional produce as standard

Though many of our UK and Europe-wide customers will be well aware of the super-high-quality standards we uphold, it can sometimes be nice to hear how certain products have been harvested, selected and sourced.

Our organic hazelnuts are always sourced from the freshest harvests, and we undertake regular product quality checks to safeguard the beautiful taste, condition and all-round consistency of our sourced hazelnuts.

A superb wholefood: readily redefined

Traditionally, hazelnuts are mainly found in European countries and Western Asian Countries, but our brave new age of food enlightenment is seeing their popularity spread across the globe. This loving adoption by countless chefs and food lovers across the world has spawned many different cultural and creative approaches to using hazelnuts. These can be found in abundance not only among our customer’s creative and delicious recipes on social media and beyond – but also throughout cyberspace and in restaurants, cafes and other food outlets the world over.


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