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Go! Kombucha Organic Red Pu-erh Tea 750ml

Go! Kombucha Organic Red Pu-erh Tea

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About Organic Red Pu-erh Tea 750ml (Go! Kombucha)

Go! Kombucha Organic Red Pu-erh Tea

Kombucha is an incredible fermented tea, renowned for thousands of years for it's health enhancing properties. It is loaded with billions of good probiotic bacteria, beneficial yeasts, amino acids, digestive enzymes, nutrients and polyphenols, which help boost immunity, enhance mood, fight allergies and detoxify the body. Kombucha is wonderful for a natural energy boost, promotes clear and radiant skin, cleanses the liver, alkalises the body, helps control candida and yeast infections and increases the metabolism for optimal weight control and fat burning.

Suggested use: Start with around 125ml a day for the first 6 or 7 days to allow your body to adjust to the influx of probiotic bacteria, ideally in the morning on an empty stomach. Then enjoy up to three servings a day as required. Add water or juice for a mellower taste.

Not recommended for pregnant women and under 6's.

Also available: Go! Kombucha Organic Green Sencha Tea

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