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Vital Wheat Gluten

Vital wheat gluten is a highly important ingredient for avid bakers throughout the UK, Europe and across the world. Vital wheat gluten can be used alongside other flours to help bind ingredients together and is great for blending dough, cake mixtures and breads, particularly those with added nuts, seeds, olives, sun dried tomatoes and other additional ingredients that can be used to make bread that little more special.

Vital wheat gluten is also known as wheat gluten, gluten flour or gluten powder and can be hard to find in regular brick and mortar supermarkets that you may tend to shop in. Online wholefood companies such as Buy Wholefoods Online love to stock ingredients such as vital wheat gluten to make great ingredients easily accessible to the public. When it comes to wheat gluten it can often be overlooked and the majority of the time is an optional ingredients when it comes to recipes.

What is vital wheat gluten?

Vital wheat gluten is wheat flour that has undergone a dehydrating process, which in turn activates the levels of gluten. The process removes all other ingredients except the gluten and has very little starch content remaining. This is why it is extremely good in bread making as it makes the dough very elasticated and easy to manipulate prior to baking, resulting in perfect bakes every time. It is a powerful flour that can quickly transform your baking skills particularly with bread, cakes, muffins and pastries.

Benefits of wheat gluten

When it comes to bread making, vital wheat gluten is great for flour replacements such as rye which can often lack in gluten ingredients. By using wheat gluten, you can easily increase the gluten content of the bake - try using part wheat gluten alongside your favourite flour for the perfect bake. It can be an indispensable ally for keen bakers and has a natural self raising agent that can help bread and cakes rise especially when using dense flours such as whole wheat grains.

It may be news to some people, but vital wheat gluten is also a brilliant natural protein source found in wheat therefore is a great way of increasing your protein intake at meal times - particularly for vegans and vegetarians. With that said, vital wheat gluten can also be used when making Seitan (say-tan), a versatile meat substitute for vegans and vegetarians. Simple to make and extremely versatile - simply combine with nutritional yeast, chickpea flour (optional), vegetable stock, olive oil and any herbs, cooked vegetables and flavouring  (such as paprika, salt, soy sauce, garlic & onions) you want to use and blend into a ball. Knead until firm and springy to touch and rest for 5-10 minutes. Simmer in vegetable stock to cook for about an hour - can be eaten immediately or cut into pieces and added to dishes such as stir fry.

Ways to use vital wheat gluten

  • Use to help to bind ingredients together in baking
  • Make your own Seitan - an easy way to make a vegan meat substitute
  • Combine with other flours - recommended use is 1 tablespoon for each 2 cups of flour
  • Introduce to bread making and experiment with adding seeds, nuts, dried fruits and olives!
  • Serve a homemade crusty, warm roll with homemade chunky  vegetable soup for home comforts at its finest!

Buy vital wheat gluten flour quickly and easily online, and start experimenting today for recipes that will be loved by everyone - whether you are baking for family, friends or have your own bakery! Shop our range of vital wheat gluten flour including organic vital wheat gluten - perfect for organic baking.


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