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Glace Figs

Glace figs also known as candied figs, are incredibly sweet and delicious and are the perfect indulgent treat. Candied fruits are particularly popular during Autumn and Winter months around the festive period.They can be enjoyed in a number of ways - either take straight out the bag and enjoy as they are or add to recipes such as bread and cake decorations.

How are the figs candied?

Whole figs have been immersed in sugar syrup (a syrup formed by dissolving granulated sugar in hot water). The figs are left to simmer for a minimum of two hours before being placed in the oven at a low temperature to dry out. Once removed from the oven, the figs are then air dried for an additional hour before being packaged.

This process preserves the life of the fruit, extending it and making them even more enjoyable. If the fruits begin to harden over time you can simply place in a simple sugar syrup at home to soften and rehydrate the fruit before using.

Ways to enjoy glace figs

  • Enjoy straight out of the bag for an indulgent treat
  • Dice and add to Autumnal porridge bowls with nut butter and caramelised banana
  • Add to bread recipes for a subtle sweetness that pairs well with seeds
  • Use to decorate cakes and baked goods
  • Chop up and add to your own trail mix with your favourite nuts and seeds
  • Pairs well as made into a jam served with crusty sourdough and cheese

Why choose candied figs

  • Deliciously sweet and indulgent
  • Perfect for spoiling yourself or a loved one in festive hampers
  • Helps to add a subtle sweetness to recipes
  • Long lasting
  • Works with both sweet and savoury recipes

Glace fruits are long lasting and highly versatile, working with both sweet and savoury recipes. One of the most popular ways to use glace figs is to add to homemade christmas cakes and fruit cakes for a twist on the more popular candied fruits.

You can buy glace figs in bulk - ideal for keen bakers and small businesses. If you love candied fruits then take a look at our glace fruit category for more delicious varieties.



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