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Glace Clementine

Whole candied or glace clementines are incredibly sweet and indulgent. Amongst our customers they are definitely one of the more popular glace fruits that we sell, and we can understand why. They have a truly delicious burst of flavour that comes from the fresh, citrus fruit with the added variety of texture that comes from the skin and rind of the whole fruit.

How are they candied?

Our glace clementines have been carefully selected before being immersed and heated in sugar syrup. This lengthy process absorbs most of the moisture out of the fruit and preserves it giving it a much longer shelf life. The skin becomes edible and the whole thing can be enjoyed as a sweet snack.

In some cases only the peel is candied, however we have taken the entire clementine and created an indulgent snack that is loved by our customers.

Glace clementines are particularly popular during the festive period and are delicious used used in homemade mulled wine, but of course they may be enjoyed all year round! Here are some more ideas to inspire you:

Ways to enjoy glace clementines

  • Eat straight out of the bag as an incredibly delicious sweet treat
  • Chop up and use in panettone recipes
  • Slice and add to mulled wine for a touch of sweetness
  • Chop and add to roasted vegetables during the Christmas period
  • Add to baking recipes for cookies, muffins, scones and fruitcakes

You can buy glace clementines online in a range of sizes from small to bulk depending on your requirements. We can ship to most of the UK and throughout Europe and offer a wide range of glace fruits.

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