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Flower Waters & Toners

Our natural and organic flower waters are an excellent natural beauty product to buy. They’re not only incredibly enriching but very pleasant and ever-popular. So pop some of these unique and deeply satisfying liquids into your bed, laundry, living room, bath or massage routines. With an ongoing trend moving away from using both highly processed foods, and chemically harsh health and beauty products, these flower water products are increasingly winning favour as natural beauty products, perfumes, skin tonics and generally more pure skin toning remedies.

Rose Water (Rosa damascena)

This very ‘clean’ fragrance is both soothing and cooling. Use rose water as an air freshener, natural perfume or of course a silky-smooth skin toner to give your skin a beautiful glow. Lots of our customers also say that a small dash of this wonderful substance on their clothing, be it their collars or their sleeves, helps them stay calm and relaxed throughout their day.

Traditionally, rose water products are said to help lessen skin redness and soothe inflammation. be dry and sensitive skins and can. It can help give the skin a vibrant glow.

Chamomile Water (Anthemis nobilis)

Another great natural remedy sensitive or inflamed skin. It mixes really well with rose water – which is why some of our readymade flower mixes contain this great combination.  So you can use it each day as a skin soother. This floral fragrance is also a great room fragrance. And a few drops in a nice hot bath will never go amiss!

Historically, chamomile has long been praised and used as an anti-alergenic aid, soothing itchy eyes and the various symptoms of hayfever, pet allergies and much more. Please read all instructions carefully and do not put anything other than pure or simple waters in or around your eyes!

Orange blossom

This flower water is delicate but distinctive. Great for throwing into natural healthy and beauty products, especially natural soaps and shower gels, it’s also a fantastic and perhaps underrated massage oil ingredient.

Run a bath, freshen up your rooms, or leave it close at hand as a sweet summery smell to remind and help you to relax.

This gentle flower water is also gaining renown as a special and exotic food and drink ingredient, used in refreshing juices, dressings and beyond. But always check your labels before mixing or ingesting any product!

Lavender water (Lavandula angustofolia)

This floral water is a classic choice or both its relaxing and soothing properties. Many of our customers apply it regularly to itchy skin, burns, rashes, bites and other sore spots to hydrate and soothe the area. Mix with chamomile, neroli, geranium or orange blossom for a real treat! But please also take care when making and using your own natural aromatherapy and flower water blends. Those with hormone-related skin problems often turn to this natural tonic and toner for relief and improvement.

Witch hazel water

This strong smelling fragrance is not for everyone. But this doesn’t stop it from possessing lots of beneficial properties – such as natural skin-tightening astringency and apparently, anti-inflammatory brilliance. It also contains tannins which make it antibacterial and could potentially help with swelling and repairing broken skin. Plus many of our happy customers say it closes up their pores beautifully.

There’s much more to this beautiful water aside what we have room to mention here… So we recommend doing just a little more homework once you’ve bought this flower water!

Buy mixed flower water blends

We also sell a few mixed flower water products, to give you a nice blend of all your favourite fragrances and floral essences. Grab anything from handy little 100ml bottles right up to 1 litre and bulk supplies, delivered straight to your home or business anywhere in the UK!


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