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Flour is a staple ingredient for baking and creating delicious treats. We are proud to stock a large range of flours with varieties from classic bakers flour, rye flour and wholewheat flour to chickpea (gram) flour, oat flour and our most popular almond flour.

Depending on which type of flours you choose to bake and create with will determine the outcome. Strong white bakers flour or rye flour make delicious, classic breads that can be used for making soft and fluffy sandwiches or chunky bread rolls to dip into healthy homemade soups. Whereas other flour, such as almond flour, can be great for anyone following a keto diet where healthy high fat foods are an essential part of the daily diet.

We also stock a range of branded gluten free flours such as the popular Doves Farm, along with a selection of naturally gluten free flours such as brown rice flour, coconut flour and polenta. Polenta is great for making healthy gluten free and vegan desserts that taste luxurious and indulgent.

A large range for you to choose from 

Our choice of flours expands with recommendations received from customers along with research into what our customers want and need. The current range consists of five categories:

  • Bread Flour - Classic flours that produce amazing bread time and time again

  • Gluten Free Flour - Ideal flours for anyone diagnosed with coeliac disease

  • Nut Flour - High in healthy fats and protein and great for anyone following a keto diet

  • Specialist Flour - Specialist flours that can be used to create unique recipes

  • Bread Making Improvers - Specialist products used to help improve the finish of freshly baked bread

Ways to use our most popular flours

We have a number of recipes available in our recipe section to experiment with various types of flour and perhaps take yourself out of your comfort zone and discover new flour varieties. Take a look here and be inspired.

Some examples of recipes you can try include:

Buy flour in bulk

Many of our flour varieties are available in bulk sizes. Buying in bulk can save time, money and packaging. Most flours have a lengthy lifespan and can keep sealed and away from sunlight for a good amount of time before they can no longer be used.

Each product has a little information about what it can be used for along with a few inspiring ideas of how you could choose to use your product. For anything else that you wish to know, there is plenty of information available online. Alternatively, our customer services team is on hand to help with any order queries that you may have, simply contact us.


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