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Diet Specific Foods

Special dietary needs should not mean compromise. Supplying top quality natural and organic diet foods is hugely important to what we do. Here you'll find just a small sample of our most popular sensitivity and allergy friendly options. Don't forget to browse throughout our site for wheat, dairy, sugar, soya and gluten free wholefoods, low-GI sweeteners and all manner of top quality, organic and allergen safe foods!

Heaps of choice for every special diet

Aware of it or not, many of us have some level of sensitivity or intolerance to wheat, gluten, lactose, sugars and other additives – or even natural ingredients. It also seems that an increasing number of people without identified allergies (or other adverse responses, like bloating and indigestion) are beginning to recognise the various potential benefits of eating kinder, more digestible and generally healthier foods.

Great news then, that we have a massive and ever-expanding range of recipes and products for special diets. Raw, vegetarian, vegan, low-fat, low-salt, low-GI, nut free, wheat-free and gluten-free snacking options are always in great supply. In fact, a huge majority of our whole foods fall firmly into the “free from” category. These contain no added sugar, salt, fat or wherever possible, while artificial sweeteners and preservatives are generally a big no-no for us.

Natural allergy free food galore

Our huge choice of diet friendly options includes lots of naturally allergen free food. Most of these present a virtually zero-compromise dietary option. The chance to enjoy nutritionally loaded quinoa as a replacement for wheat based cous cous; low GI stevia instead of excessive sugar; luxuriously blended dark chocolate instead of dairy, sugar and additive-ridden hazards!

Looking for something in particular? Use our dedicated search bar to find specific diet products.


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