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Cumin is a formidable cooking spice, vital to so many different areas of food fulfilment. It plays a central role in countless Indian and Asian dishes and becomes more popular every year across the UK and Europe. You can enjoy using these natural and organic cumin supplies to make delicious traditional spice blends – like panch phoron (native to Bangladesh, India and Nepal) and the ever-handy garam masala (though we are pretty proud of our own). That aside, top quality cumin will help you create world-beating: curries, stir fries, dhal, vegetable dishes, fried treats, breads, baajis, chutney, pickles, stews and much, much more! Cumin really is one of the most versatile spices in the world. So please don’t run out!

Extend your cumin competencies

Looking to cook ‘outside the box’? Departing from its native Asian and Mediterranean origins, both North America and Mexico have really taken cumin into their hearts (and mouths, and plates). So adventurous chefs can always discover, create and master sensational cumin-based recipes.  Just explore cuisine from these regions! And read on to find many more cumin cooking tips…

Top tips for using cumin

Like most things in life, cumin is what you make of it. And you can make heaps of different recipes with it. From quick-cook snacks to fully fledged feasts, here is a quick snapshot of some our UK and European customers’ favourite uses:

  • Create authentic curry powders, pastes and blends
  • Toss and roast cumin into your favourite veggie mixes. Most vegetables suit this wonder-spice, but the following are especially good friends with cumin: aubergine, carrot, cauliflower, sweet potato, peppers, mushrooms and parsnips.
  • Make tasty cumin bread, for a slice of the extraordinary
  • Brew a cleansing cup of cumin tea. Just a small teaspoon of organic cumin seeds and a cup of hot water is all you’ll need. It’s healthy, incredibly thirst-quenching and even tastes really good after it has gone cold!
  • Make a homemade chilli powder spice mix. This is a really versatile herb and spice blend, made up of: garlic, cumin, paprika, cayenne powder and oregano – and sometimes a few other additions like turmeric and black pepper. Of course, this is a traditional spice blend so you can use it to make veggie chilli ‘con carne’ (try using our TVP as a natural and healthy substitute for any meat). But it’s great for making all sorts of interesting treats. Spicy wedges and salsa-like dips are two of our strongest tip-offs. Ssshh: don’t tell anyone!
  • Get yourself into a pickle, or chuck together some chutney. These preserves are really easy to make and require very few ingredients. And they’ll always impress your friends, family and guests!
  • Craft some very special homemade chocolate. Whether you’d love to make truffles, chocolate bars of real distinction or any choco-treat, cumin can be a somewhat surprising ally. Although it’s criminally underused in this area, we think it’s pretty awesome – and lots of our beloved customers agree.

Share your talent with the world!

We believe that in all walks of life, our very best ideas and creations deserve to be shared as widely as possible. Do you agree? And do you have some special skills you could really do with showing off? If so, please share your tips, ideas and cumin recipes with the whole wide world!

Just post your favourite cumin based meals and snacks to any or all the main social media sites – and tag us up! We’re particularly active on Facebook, Instagram and Twitter, and spreading your cumin recipes here might just deliver the extra recognition you deserve. And who knows: if you’re an avid or dedicated chef… it could be a small step to stardom!


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