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Some have begun to call courgettes ‘gourgettes’ – in respect of their blatant gorgeousness. Far more than just a vital ratatouille ingredient; they’re about as versatile as any other vegetable you can name. If you’re running out of greens, or need just need a little more back-up, our organic dried courgette will help you see you through the cooking process with style. Not to mention flavourful flair. Stock up on this top veg in either chunky or powdered form.

Healthy highlights

  • Very low calorie vegetable
  • Excellent rehydration; courgettes absorb lots of water
  • A good source of potassium, carotenes and vitamin C
  • Dried courgettes have concentrated nutrition, with more nutrients per given weight
  • Highly flexible flavour

Long-lasting deliciousness

Summer squash, unlike their winter counterparts, do not keep very long. This is where our dried courgettes naturally come into their own! Just keep them well-sealed in a cool, dry cupboard and they’re likely to last for weeks and months!

Courgette facts

Unbeknownst to many, courgettes are a type of summer squash – which is actually part of the melon or gourd family (Latin name: Cucurbitacae). While there are lots of different types of squash, every one shares the quality of being completely edible – from the seeds, through the flesh right out to the skin!

Quality produce is king

We take a painstaking approach to selecting, vetting and restocking the very best whole food products available. However, our high standards of quality are not only safeguarded by a hardworking team – but by you. If you have any comments, queries or thoughts you feel we should know about, please do not hesitate to contact us. Our customers’ feedback is the number one priority at all times, and we will always respond swiftly to your messages.


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