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Coffee, Tea & Drinks

The British nation loves a cup of tea and we are no different! With a vast range of teas, coffees, chocolate drinks, smoothies, juices and kombucha, we can cater for just about any craving for a drink or hot beverage.

A hot drink such as tea, is considered to be a soothing way to clear the mind and take time out from your busy day. It works wonders for allowing you to take space away from the hectic world that we live in and reflect on things going on in your life. Choose from a range of herbal teas in a variety of flavour infusions - from classic black or green tea to elderflower and dandelion. Each tea has their own properties such as aiding digestion, helping you to sleep or reviving energy, so it is beneficial to have a cupboard stocked full or different tea in both loose tea or teabags. We stock a number of brands including teapigs, clipper and Yogi teas for popular choices to introduce to your daily routine.

Coconut water is a fantastic drink for hydration and is beneficial to consume after an intense workout to rehydrate the body sufficiently to replace the nutrients lost. We stock a number of different brands of coconut water so it’s easy to stick to your favourite brand.

Fruit juice is the perfect accompaniment to a Sunday morning breakfast in bed as it is great for refreshing the palette after a meal. Choose from a range of flavour infusions including pure cranberry or pomegranate juice for a nutritious, refreshing drink.

For a healthy breakfast try making a delicious and nutritious smoothie using our smoothie starter pack designed to create photo-worthy smoothie bowls. Just add fresh or frozen fruit and top with your favourite toppings such as coconut chips and goji berries, both included in the pack!

Let’s talk about milk! Milk in all forms whether dairy, oat, rice or nut is full of nutrients and often consumed throughout the day in hot drinks, breakfasts and warming, bed time hot chocolates! We stock a vast range of milk alternatives to dairy including almond, cashew, chocolate, coconut, oat, quinoa, rice and soya. We have carefully chosen which products we choose to stock and have picked only the best quality for our customers. Nut milks and other milk alternatives are fortified to ensure that they contain all of the nutrients of dairy  that our bodies need such as vital vitamins and minerals.

And for the coffee lovers out there, whether you love filter coffee or instant coffee, caffeinated or decaffeinated we’ve got you covered! You can find the perfect morning energy booster, choose from a range of high quality, organic coffees that are rich in taste and a firm favourite amongst coffee fans.

We also stock kombucha - a popular and trendy cold drink. Kombucha is fermented green tea and contains live cultures that feed your body natural goodness. If you haven’t tried any yet, grab yourself a bottle and give it a go - you will love it!



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