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Treasured by cultures the world over for centuries, and a traditional therapeutic food in nearly every country it’s grown, coconut's list of uses is almost endless! Not only a super-nutritious food and distinctive flavouring, it's contents are also a widely loved hair and beauty treatment. Not to mention a superb source of healthy alternative butter, sugar, water, flour and milk! We proudly supply all the major coconut products available, delivering to both homes and businesses throughout the UK.

Why buy coconut products?

You may be wondering why coconuts are becoming so incredibly popular. The increased public and professional knowledge of its super healthy properties certainly has a lot to do with it. Not to mention the almost countless uses for this super fruit that people have discovered, rediscovered and created afresh. We could virtually talk the hind legs off the internet with this topic. For now, let us just summarize some of coconut's major plus-points...

It makes exceptional cooking oil

Coconut yields one of the healthiest cooking oils around, with a low melting point and a pleasingly high smoking point. The nutritional makeup of its fatty acids and other contents also makes it highly 'stable'. This basically means it's excellent at resisting the notable damage caused by heating most popular cooking oils, which often creates unhealthy rancid by-products. If you're not already using coconut oil - we urge everyone to consider it!

It's sheer tropical, topical magic

Food uses aside, natural massage oils, skin soothers, moisturisers and hair conditioning products are just a few of its huge range of applications in both commercial and homemade natural beauty products. A lot of our customers use coconut oil to sooth dry skin and keep the body moisturised – particularly throughout the colder periods of autumn, winter and early spring. But that really is just the start of it: endless home remedies and personal care products are made using the marvel that is coconut oil. In fact, new recipes seem to be appearing all the time online!

It has countless fruitful uses

Flour, butter, sugar, milk, cream and a special kind of nutritious water: all are derived from the coconut. This makes it a fantastic fruit for making cakes and desserts, but also for flavouring both sweet and savoury cuisine from around the world (need we explain the joy of coconuts in Asian and Far Eastern curries?).


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