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Ceylon Cinnamon Powder

Is your cinnamon powder real? There are a number variations of cinnamon so it can be hard to know whether your purchase is ‘real’ cinnamon or one that is considered to be fake and therefore does not have the same health benefits as ceylon cinnamon. Ceylon cinnamon is in fact the only true cinnamon on the market and can often be trickier to get hold of. We stock true ceylon cinnamon powder in both regular and organic varieties depending on your preferences and in a variety of sizes to buy from 125g to bulk 25kg!

Why Choose True Ceylon Cinnamon

Ceylon is cousin to cassin (the cinnamon frequently available in supermarkets) and is packed full of nutrition. True ceylon cinnamon contains calcium, iron and the mineral manganese. There are a number of cases where cinnamon is used for medicinal reasons and manganese is the most important nutrient when used this way. Ceylon cinnamon is also considered to be a fantastic antioxidant with a number of health benefits associated with it. You can find a plethora of health articles online all about ceylon cinnamon benefits and the results associated with consuming it, these can vary from being an anti-inflammatory to helping to stabilise blood sugar levels and many more lavish claims.

Ways to use Ceylon Cinnamon Powder

Cinnamon is a spice and can be used in an array of cooking and baking throughout the day - or even sprinkled on hot milky drinks! Try adding ground ceylon cinnamon into your daily routine, here are a few ideas:

  • Add to a warm bowl of nutritious oats and top with chopped apple and almond butter
  • Sprinkle on sweet potatoes and drizzle over some natural raw honey
  • Make a comforting rhubarb and cinnamon crumble
  • Poach pears in cinnamon for a tasty dessert
  • Mix cinnamon with turmeric and stir in 200ml hot milk for an afternoon turmeric latte packed full of goodness!
  • Make your own popcorn and dust with cinnamon
  • Try the classic cinnamon toast and mix up your regular breakfast routine!
  • Use Ceylon cinnamon sticks (quills) to decorate festive cakes

The possibilities with cinnamon are vast and it’s good to experiment with new ways to incorporate the spice within your diet for a number of health benefits. Buy ceylon cinnamon powder online and start adding to your oats, milky drinks and baking for a delicious and nutritious warming Autumnal flavour.

If you love all things organic why not try our finely ground organic ceylon cinnamon and start experimenting today! We post to most of the UK and Europe with fast delivery times and provide bulk sizes for wholesale orders - ideal for restaurants and cafes.


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