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ChocQlate really is one of the best organisations we could hope to work with. (Read on to learn about some very impressive practices!). Their top quality chocolates, superfood bars, snacks and DIY kits are created with the very best vision in mind: to provide the most responsibly sourced and highest quality, ‘beyond-Fairtrade’ chocolates possible. All the raw materials in their products are grown sustainably and traded fairly – to independent standards which go far beyond the scope of traditional fair-trade criteria. 

Since 2012, ChocQlate has made it their mission to establish direct and personal contact with small cocoa plantations and independent farming communities. This has allowed them to get to know what quality cocoa beans look and taste like and to understand the environments in which they are grown. Not to mention getting to know the many great people who grow the cocoa as their way of life and of making a living.

This direct and personal approach to cooperation ensures that there are no intermediaries (such as unknown cooperatives, importers, cocoa factories or wholesalers) between ChocQlate and those who grow our precious cocoa and cacao plants.  This isn’t just great for safeguarding quality, nutrition and tastiness; it plays a substantial role in keeping as much value as possible within the countries of origin.

A case study in quality

A great example of ChoQlate’s fantastic processeses can be seen in their "Virgin Cacao". These beans never see a cocoa factory. They are harvested on site and dried by hand under 42 degrees, which keeps everything including the pulp raw and fully nutritious. They are also given complete organic certification both on site and from further testers in Germany.

Paying producers up front

ChocQlate pay 50% of all cost in advance, so that the work on the plantation can be paid for during the harvest season. Amazingly, if there in the case of crop failures or other time delays, they will have already 100% financed the goods in advance! We at BWFO wish more companies adopted this fantastic approach.

No expense spared

The effort of drying, packaging and shipping our beans by hand is much greater than with traditional methods. The bean drying takes longer, the packaging follows strict hygiene regulations and the logistics are a challenge. On average, ChocQlate pays 5 times the market prices usually paid by organic and Fairtrade certified cooperatives for cocoa beans.

Empowering growers

ChocQlate give a lot of responsibility to the local cacao producers, which is richly appreciated. Multi-lingual chocolate experts are often required to be on hand, whether working with plantations in Peru or with family farmers in Vietnam. Other experts also help to organize the farming community in locations such as Panama or Sri Lanka.

Better living guaranteed

The proceeds from ChocQlate beans are also used to give higher wages to the workers. The company also helps producers by paying for their education and medical costs! Remarkable. Other retained profits flow to the machines, which allow farmers to gradually dry more and more beans in financial independence.

Careful sourcing as standard

All other ingredients used to make ChocQlate products, such as coconut blossom nuts, cocoa butter, cocoa powder and coconut ingredients, are bought from Fairtrade certified and highly ethical suppliers. Many are also produced under strict Bio-EU guidelines, further protecting their quality.

What do ChocQlate have to say?

"Due to our personal commitment to direct trading, the investments we make and the above-average pay that is possible only in "direct trade", we have not certified our products under the Fair Trade official logo. Our approach is to invest the money directly. So far, the Fair Trade certificate does not cover our approach and commitment. We decided to break new ground here." Julia Brodbeck - Founder & Managing Director

We stand with them!

In all areas, the BWFO team stand for maximum transparency and will always be happy to provide more information on our methods and processes. So please get in touch with our team if you have any questions, queries or concerns regarding our chocolate produce – or any of our wholefood sourcing.

Please note: We will sometimes temporarily stop selling chocolate products in hot weather. This is to avoid any drop in quality due to temperature changes during the shipping process.

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