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Chlorella is a type of spherical, single-celled green algae that are especially high in protein, fats and essential nutrients when dried.  As a result of its high nutritional content, chlorella has been widely researched since the 1940’s as a possible solution to the world hunger crisis. Although chlorella has a tough cell wall that makes the raw product relatively indigestible, cellulase enzyme supplementation and processing methods that break this cell wall down have now made Chlorella readily available as a super food.
Few negative side effects of chlorella use have been reported, although it may raise uric acid levels in the blood which is a risk factor for gout and heart disease. 

In terms of how to take chlorella powder, our cell-wall-cracked product is a complete food appropriate for anyone over two years old in the daily dosage range of one to two teaspoons per day. Some experts suggest taking chlorella around half an hour before meals to improve digestion.

You can buy chlorella powder in bulk at discounted prices.


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