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Chia Seeds

Chia seeds might be small is size, but they are jammed packed full of fibre, protein, omega-3, vitamins and mineral. All of this helps your body, and mind reach its full potential, which is why chia seeds have become so popular. Chia seeds are very easy to integrate into your diet, and while commonly added to smoothies, they can be added to salads, yoghurts, bread, muffins, pancakes, porridge, or even eaten on their own.

Chia seeds are very flexible and can be eaten in a variety of ways:

  • Sprouted
  • Whole/crushed - add to any food (hot or cold) for texture, sprinkle on salads or cereal. They can also be used in baking or as a thickening agent. Crushed seeds will release the most Omega3.
  • Chia Gel - chia seeds can be combined with water (or any liquid) to produce a gel-like consistency. This can be eaten/drunk as it is, or added to foods. Smoothies can be made with 50-70% chia gel or added to any creamy/liquid foods (puddings, dressings, jelly etc).

The safety of Chia seeds when used in bread at a maximum of 5% has been confirmed by the EFSA in its opinion adopted on March 13, 2009 (EFSA, 2009). It also is a source of nutirents and a variety of amino acids.


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