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Cereal Grains

We stock as many natural, organic, gluten-free and wheat free cereal grains as possible, from quick-cook spelt cous cous to super nutritious quinoa, buckwheat and amaranth. The sheer variety of these healthy grains makes for countless recipes and culinary uses. Bite into a sumptuous flavour for any special diet needs or just for special mealtimes! Every size of product is packed to order for absolute freshness. Buy cereal grains in bulk for extra cost-effectiveness.

To discuss custom bulk grain orders that perfectly suit your individual business budget and schedule contact our experienced cereal grain suppliers today.

Quick ingredient guide for special diets

Please note that many of our cereal grains contain naturally gluten free ingredients. However, low gluten grain (not considered wheat free, but often suitable for some special diets) includes: spelt and kamut. Our wheat grains include couscous and bulgar wheat. Health (and quality) are our biggest priority, so whatever you buy, please check the ingredients on each page before buying.

Gluten free disclaimer

Due to new legislation that came into force 1st January 2012 we can no longer describe any product we pack as "Gluten Free" - or rather; we could if we were to submit every batch we produce for scientific analysis to prove that residual gluten levels are below very stringent levels (20ppm).

Needless to say this would make the products prohibitively expensive.

So, we have removed the words "Gluten Free" from our product descriptions, an no claims regarding gluten content can be made - this is the only change we have made, the recipes are unaltered and customers that enjoyed these products without ill effect can continue to do so.



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