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Celery Salt

An unmistakable all-rounder and must-have seasoning. While celery can divide opinion at the dinner table, celery salt is awash with far subtler yet still significant flavour. In fact, whether or not you already know and love this seasoning, it’s probably a key ingredient in at least one of your most cherished recipes. Not only does celery salt make classic European dishes like pies, pastries, vegetable broths, stews and soups ‘leap off the plate’ (not literally). It’s also often a crucial part of curry and chili powder blends, all-purpose seasonings, rubs, marinades, sauces, condiments and much more…

What is celery salt?

Is a classic seasoning made by mixing two simple ingredients: ground celery seed (or the seeds of the lovage plant, a close relative of celery) and, you guessed it… salt! The character and goodness of this wholefood pairing is then protected with calcium silicate, a commonly used caking-agent derived naturally from limestone and diatomaceous earth.

To make our very own celery salt blend we chose to use top-quality sea salt, to deliver a very balanced and versatile counter-flavour. We feel this helps the natural aroma and beauty of celery seeds to really ‘sing’ to your taste buds. And we have strong evidence (both anecdotal and taste-able) that our UK and EU customers agree – not to mention their many friends, family and guests.

Uses of celery salt

First off: use it anywhere you like! It would be foolish of us not to acknowledge that celery salt works well in almost any situation where more common cooking salts are usually applied. Used carefully, celery salt will make your favourite dishes markedly more dynamic – without being overpowering. So grab some and enjoy the brand-new flavours you yield!

This salt is also a formidable ally for making all kinds of sweet and savoury treats. Our customers are always praising celery salt for the top-notch homemade breads, biscuits, crackers, crispbreads and many novel snacks it helps them to create.

It also mixes perfectly with traditional Mexican ingredients. If you love to eat tacos, burritos, salsas, tortillas, quesadillas, enchiladas and more – you won’t want to miss out on celery salt.

In terms of liquid refreshment, this unique gem will give you a few more options too. If you’ve every tried a Caesar cocktail, or love the world-famous Bloody Mary, celery salt is an essential ingredient for you and your guests/unpaying customers!

Health benefits of celery

Please note that this product is primarily sodium-based, and as such we should all limit the amount of celery salt we enjoy in our diet. Secondly, because this seasoning is predominantly salt – the benefits bestowed by celery seeds are less abundant or concentrated here. With those important points made, let’s take a look at a handful of the healthy properties of ‘apium graveolens’ (that’s celery to you and us)…

Celery is a rich source of folium – a mineral which is plentiful in the seed form of both celery and its close cousin lovage seeds. Folium is a key nutrient which has been found to help sustain the digestive system in general.

The components of celery’s essential oils have also been noted for their antispasmodic effects, enabling good digestion further while also moderating diuresis (increased urination). But again, please note that these nutrients are not so highly concentrated when celery seeds have been mixed with the salt.

If you would like to savour more of the bodily benefits of celery – we recommend picking up some of our natural and organic celery seeds and/or lovage seeds.

Quick dietary tip

Please take care to moderate your intake of celery salt and salt in general. All salts are almost completely comprised of sodium – a nutrient which we need very little of relative to many other nutrients. Sodium is also readily available in high or at least trace amounts in a huge array of other foods. So please enjoy your celery salt sensibly!


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