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Celery is something of a love-it-or-hate-it food; a real opinion splitter. Celery seeds, on the other hand, have been met with almost unanimous approval in naturopathic circles in the UK and Europe, and despite their pungent flavour, boast a wide array of novel uses. Prized for centuries as a traditional remedy aid for gout, arthritis and a known diuretic, celery seeds are often used as a natural dietary supplement. Thanks to our brand new age of mass information sharing, creative chefs are also beautifully integrating celery seeds into recipes of all types and colours.

Cooking with celery seeds

Celery seeds are a surprisingly versatile kitchen tool for both experienced and adventurous chefs alike. As we think these seeds are grossly misunderstood, and criminally underused, we wanted to gather some tasty celery seed based recipes together for our beloved customers. As you explore these enlightening resources, you’ll see how celery seeds can be highly effective both as bit-part players and front-of-flavour showstoppers!

This WikiHow article will give you a great overview of some of the main uses for this unique seed. From saucy stews and soups, to tangy pickles, bread baking and celery seed tea, we hope you find a few things to tickle your fancy here.

Check out this fiendishly simple celery seed bread recipe. All you’ll need is a handful of other wholefood spices, some hot dog rolls (or any bread you like) and a decent roasting agent like butter, or any vegan equivalent. We recommend odourless coconut oil for an even bake and healthier all-round option.

Chicken lovers: take note. This tantalising recipe combines creaminess with zest – and a dizzying blend of herbs and spices. Delicious any day of the week, and ready to retweak and make your own!

This striking ‘two-tone’ coleslaw is made with five well-chosen vegetables, and features a finely balanced blend of dill, sugar, mayonnaise, yoghurt, apple cider vinegar and (of course) celery seeds. It’s a great way to bulk out any otherwise dull leafy salads, but is also perfect with burgers, chips, pies, and anything general stodgy and/or beige! 

If in doubt, All Recipes will probably help you out! Coleslaw, salad dressing, marinades, macaroni, pies and dumplings are all in the mix on this very colourful page. Browse around and see what celery seed inspired recipes make the final cut for you.


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