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Carrots are one of the best loved, and most flexible, vegetables of all. Raw or cooked, crunchy or softened they’re central to so many recipes and an almost essential kitchen item. These high quality, natural and organic dried carrots can help make sure you never run out of such a priceless prized possession. Buy dried carrots in packs of all sizes – and let us know what you make of them! And what you make with them.


Top nutrition facts

Why are carrots so healthy? Here’s the crunch:

-  They’re the richest source of vitamin A carotenoids of all the most commonly eaten vegetables in the UK and Europe.

-  An excellent source of vitamin K, the metabolism-helping biotin and fibre.

-  A good vitamin C, B6, thiamine (vitamin B1) and potassium booster.

-  High in antioxidant compounds

Carrot tips

Here are some top carrot related tips:

-  Grated and dried carrots work unbelievably well in fruit salads – particularly those containing apples, pineapples, apricots, dates and raisins.

-  Throw raw carrot into your vegetable salads on a regular basis

-  Use them in baked desserts – a great way to rebalance the nutritional makeup of your favourite sweet treats!

-  Once rehydrated (just leave to soak in warm water for about 10 minutes) use your blender or food processor to make delicious carrot juice. Not your most favoured juice? It works wonderfully with lots of other fruits in smoothies and juices of all descriptions. So whip up a storm in the kitchen!

Do they help you see in the dark?

This root vegetable is well-known, at least in the UK, as the food that helps you ‘see in the dark’. While this sounds like an old wives’ tale (or old husbands’ tale), it just so happens to be true. Carrots contain a particularly high amount of vitamin A – an essential nutrient now known to play a central role in eye health and functioning (among many other bodily processes).


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